Saturday, October 21, 2023

One Night at Sharon's excerpt

It was a Tuesday night, but Sharon’s was packed. Sharon’s was the only place on Artemis Station to get a real drink, and every ship in the Solar Federation knew it was the place to be. It wasn’t for Sharon’s hospitality. No, the proprietor was not always the friendliest of people. She wasn’t mean by any stretch of the imagination, but she had a tendency to tell people exactly what was on her mind, and she didn’t care if they were enlisted, officers, or even admirals. No one was safe from Sharon’s honesty…but if she ended up liking you, you had a friend for life.

One of those people she liked was Ensign Marie Haggerman, who was currently sitting in a booth with three crewmates. A few months earlier, Ensign Haggerman had almost been run out of the service, now she was one of the most important ensigns on her ship, the SFS Carter, and the Ensign insisted on constantly thanking Sharon for her help. She raised her glass in a small toast towards Sharon, who just growled slightly, waving a dismissive hand towards the Ensign before turning away from the bar and smiling slightly.

At the end of the bar sat Sonny. He wasn’t sitting on a barstool. No, he was actually sitting on the bar, and that was because Sonny was Sharon’s dog, and no one questioned his right to sit on the bar. Those who did, didn’t have the dog to fear. No, they had Sharon to fear, and that was far worse. More than a few officers had been overheard saying they’d rather face a fleet of rebels, or a meteor swarm than face Sharon’s wrath. Still, almost everyone that came in the bar loved Sharon; they always knew where they stood with her, and those that had really faced her ire, just chose to stay away.

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