Friday, September 29, 2023

Have you checked out Smashwords lately?

 If you're looking for a great place to download books, then Smashwords is the place to be. Major authors, indie authors, they have them all...and yeah, of course they sell my stuff as well. Check it out at

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Don't forget my Amazon Page

If you'd like to keep up with all of my future releases, and there should be a couple of new short stories very soon, then please make sure you're visiting my Amazon page often at better yet, just follow me on Amazon that way you'll get the updates automatically.

Thanks to everyone who supports my work!

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Patreon Stories


Now that I'm able to sell titles directly through Patreon, without they buyer being obligated to become a patron, I decided to put together a special collection of ten stories that will only be available on Patreon. Although I have dabbled in horror, dark fantasy, children's fantasy, and even mainstream/literary, I decided to make the collection a collection of just science fiction, since that's my main passion...and I only play around in other fields when I come up with a really good idea. So if you're interested, here's the write-up for the collection:

Available only for download on Patreon, I give you Patreon Stories. This is a collection of 10 of my stories that best represent my various science fiction writing styles. Kind of gives you a taste of what you could expect if you become a patron.
The collection includes: The Galton Principle, Origins, Forgive Men Their Trespasses, The Limit of Tolerance, Lowering One's Self Before Fate, On the Word of Ancients, Reality, Mission Unknown, It's In the Water, and Fight or Flight.

Buy it today at

Friday, September 22, 2023

Pick up my titles on Patreon


I've made some of my titles available on Patreon for download. You don't have to be a supporter of mine in order to download them. You can buy them and read them with absolutely no obligation. And the best part is, for a limited time, I've made the titles available at a you can read and save a few pennies.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to and start downloading today.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

The last week of fiction month is almost here


From the Nomadic Delirium Press Blog:

Fiction Month is almost over here at Nomadic Delirium Press, and that means that your chance to save 30% off of our fiction titles is almost over as well. Save on novels, collections, and anthologies at Smashwords: and at DriveThruFiction: And to make the last week of the sale even juicier, you can now download all 60 magazines that we published (The Martian Wave, The Fifth Di..., Spaceports & Spidersilk, Mundanities, and Environmental Holocaust) for just $6. Yes, just 10 cents an issue! Download all 60 today at:


Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Download my Tales of Space Exploration and Discovery for 30% off


For decades, J Alan Erwine has been writing stories about space exploration and discovery…now all of those stories are gathered into one massive tome. Travel the far reaches of space, or explore the solar system with him. Some of the stories are dark, some are optimistic, but all of them are uniquely his.
This collection also features the first four stories in Erwine's Solar Federation Series, and you can download it for just $2.79 at

Monday, September 18, 2023

Save 30% off of Manic Musings of a Maniacal Mind


For more than two decades, science fiction editors have been publishing the works of J Alan Erwine, exposing you, the reader, to the dark recesses of the author’s mind. Now, all of those stories have been combined together into one massive tome. Get a glimpse into Erwine’s grim view of the future, and explore the universe from his slightly off-kilter point of view. You can download this massive tome for 30% off, but only for a limited time at

Sunday, September 17, 2023

The Smashwords sale continues


Remember, I still have a 30% off sale running at Smashwords. You can pick up my short story collections and my novels all at a great savings. And there are a few free short stories there as well. I just ask that if you read those, please review them. If you're looking for science fiction writing that is somewhat off kilter from what you're used to, then you just might like my fiction. Please check it out at

Friday, September 15, 2023

Fiction Month is half over

From the Nomadic Delirium Press Blog:

The month of September is now half over, and that means that Fiction Month is also half over at Nomadic Delirium Press. Have you saved 30% off of our fiction titles yet? You can save on novels, collections and anthologies at DriveThruFiction by going to or at Smashwords by going to We know there are several of our titles that you’ve been wanting to check out, so now’s your chance.

And if magazines are more your style, well, don’t forget that you can download all 60 zines that we have published for just $12 at Whether it’s The Martian Wave, The Fifth Di…, Spaceports & Spidersilk, Environmental Holocaust, or Mundanities….they’re all there.


You're running out of time for your third Taste of the Madness


Very soon now, A Taste of the Madness Vol. 3 will be disappearing from Amazon, and you will no longer be able to order it, so you need to do it soon… And remember, for Kindle Unlimited members, the download is FREE!

The third volume is here!
A collection of six previously published short stories, that are available only for a limited time. Travel to distant planets and travel to different mad visions that prize-winning sf author J Alan Erwine has come up with, but beware, you can never be sure where his weird mind might take you.
Again, this collection is only available for a very limited time.

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Does the economy have to be growing?

 I’ve been reading a lot of eco-fiction lately, and I’m even working on a story that somewhat falls into that genre, and it all got me thinking about a conversation I’d had with a friend many years ago. Both of us were quite political, but didn’t always see eye to eye on things. He was a card carrying Democrat, and pretty much bought everything the dems said and did. I, on the other hand, have always been an adamant supporter of the destruction of the two-party system. I see both parties, with the exclusion of other parties, as an evil that the US can’t survive.

Now, on this particular day, we were discussing the economy. He made the observation that the American economy was like a flower. It had to either be growing or dying. I looked at him for what was probably ten seconds, because it just didn’t make any sense to me, and then I finally countered with my point of view.

The American economy is not like a flower, but rather the individuals within that economy are the flowers, growing richer or poorer. The American economy was more like the field of flowers. Some flowers are growing and some are dying, but the overall status of the field is to remain stable. Nature survives best with stability, so it was my point of view that the US economy should remain stable, rather than constantly trying to grow.

To this day, I still say that the American ideal of constantly growing the economy, and the GDP, is one of the biggest problems America faces. We’re so caught up in growth that we’re destroying everything else, and ultimately, our system will fail. And it doesn’t matter what any Democrat or Republican might tell you…their focus is in making the corporations of America richer…and that does not work in favor of “We the People.”

Thursday, September 07, 2023

The importance of reviews


You will often hear writers asking, yes, maybe even begging for reviews. I can certainly understand this behavior. The most simple reason why we’re always asking for reviews is because the more reviews a book or story has, the more likely it is that the market will show the product to more readers. This is especially true with Amazon. In order to have much hope of being seen on a main page of Amazon, an author will almost always have to have 10 reviews or more.

Another reason for asking for reviews is because not everyone is going to like a piece that you create. It doesn’t matter if you’re JK Rowling, Robert Sawyer, or even little ol’ me, there will be readers that don’t like your work, and if those are the only readers reviewing your work, you have less chance of reaching more readers.

A good example is my short short story (yes, the two shorts are intentional) “Lost in the Dark.” One reader refers to it as “Extremely implausible,” while another reader refers to it as “Good angst, totally identifiable protagonist. Nice (one more time – short) story.”

Who’s right? Well, both of them actually are…at least in their opinions. So, if only the first review was posted, people would be less likely to want to read the story, so reviews are good so that people can see all possible sides of a story.

So, in short, review an author’s work. They’ve put a lot of effort into whatever you’re reading, and they deserve at least a few words of praise. And, oh yeah, definitely make sure you review my work if you’ve liked it! I can genuinely tell you that I will be highly appreciative of your effort on my behalf!

Saturday, September 02, 2023

A new Smashwords Sale


For the rest of this month, I’ve listed all of my novels and short story collections at 30% off through Smashwords. So, if you like science fiction, especially science fiction that doesn’t give you what you might expect, then I think you should check this sale out. You can find it at

In addition to the novels and collections, I’ve also listed some of my individual short stories for free. All I ask in payment is that if you like one of the stories that you read for free, please review it. Reviews are what really makes a writer’s career, so I would greatly appreciate it. I’ve tried to list a variety of stories for free, so you can get a taste for my wide array of writing styles…and bizarre interests…

The Rocks on the Other Side Book of Characters


From the Nomadic Delirium Press Blog:

Whether you’re looking for characters to use in an adventure, or non-player characters to help or challenge your characters, this book gives you 50 characters that you can quickly insert into any Rocks on the Other Side adventure. This book focuses more on lower level characters, as the game is still young, but there are still plenty of higher level characters featured towards the end of the book.

Due to the format of this book, it is only available as a paperback from Amazon or a PDF from DriveThruRPG.

Order from Amazon:

Order from DriveThruRPG:

Friday, September 01, 2023

Would you like to download all of our zines?


From the Nomadic Delirium Press Blog:

As part of NDP Fiction month, we’ve made a very special bundle available through DriveThruFiction. You can download every zine that we’ve ever published for just $12. That’s every copy of The Martian Wave, The Fifth Di…, Spaceports & Spidersilk, Mundanities, and Ecotastrophe that Nomadic Delirium Published. All totaled, that’s 60 individual magazines for 20 cents a piece. Surely you have $12 laying around that will give you enough material to read on these very hot days.

Order today at


August's Bestseller


It looks like people wanted to game last month. My bestseller for August was The Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica. A very nice addition to any Ephemeris game that you might be playing.

Order from Amazon:

Order from DriveThruRPG:

Order from Smashwords:

Fiction Month at NDP


From the Nomadic Delirium Press Blog:
September is fiction month here at Nomadic Delirium Press, and for you, our beloved readers, this means that you can save 30% all month on novels, short story collections, and anthologies...and believe us, we have a lot of these for you to browse.

Start shopping today at Smashwords: or at DriveThruFiction: