Tuesday, September 29, 2015

So much for that more blogging thing

I'd hoped to do more blogging this month, but that idea has gone completely out the window...
There's so much more to do in life now that we have a high schooler in our home.  In addition to that, Rebecca is still working an insane amount of hours.  She may be facing 19 straight days without a day off, and now my hours are starting to go up at my "real" job as we head into the Halloween season.  Add to this the fact that I'm always so tired because of the medication for my chronic pain, and it's been hard to get anything done, and unfortunately, blogging is pretty far down my list of priorities.
I am excited that in two days Nomadic Delirium Press will be releasing Quantum Women by Tyree Campbell, and later in the month we will be releasing Crisis Averted by Laura Givens.  Still, I have a long to-do list, and it seems like every time I cross one thing off, there are suddenly six more things on the list.  One of these days I might catch up...

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Busy, busy, busy

I had planned on doing more blogging this month, but so far, that has been a complete failure.  Life has just been too crazy busy of late to get stuff done.  Eryn is doing marching band this year, and her first football game was last week, so we of course went to that.  Then on Saturday she had her first competition, which meant being at her school at 7 in the morning.  By the time we got home, it was almost 11 at night.  Her band finished last in the competition, but they were also the smallest of all of the bands performing.  Her school just doesn't have the funding to put together a really strong band, and I think this is a perfect example of yet another failure in American culture.  We pour tons of money into the schools for football, basketball, and other sports, but ever time something has to be cut, the first thing that is attacked are the arts.  This is a huge failure.  While sports are important, the arts are even more important, but American culture no longer recognizes this.
In addition to all of Eryn's band stuff, Juliah started back to school, which of course means tons of shopping, tons of preparation, and in addition to all of this, Rebecca is still putting in a lot of hours, most weeks working six days, and while I'm not working a lot, I am working opposite of her schedule, which is stressful, since we're the type of couple that actually likes and wants to spend time with each other, so that puts a strain on both of us.
I have managed to get one of the books formatted that I needed to do, and I've started work on the second book that I need to get done, but I still haven't managed to make it to the post office to send off copies of The Martian Wave: 2015, but I am trying.  Hopefully this week or next I will be able to get there.
The meds that my doctor put me on are helping with the pain, but unfortunately, they're still making me dizzy, and this reached a bad point yesterday when I was going to switch out some laundry.  As I got to the door, I felt very dizzy, so I grabbed onto the door frame.  The next thing I knew, I was on my back with my head bouncing against the floor like I was having a seizure, and my foot in the litter box.  Apparently I blacked out.  The worst part was that the only person that was here at the time was Alexis, so if I'd really been hurt, I might have been in trouble.  I'm not sure if this means that I should try to switch meds, because I really don't want to.  These meds are working, and even though I still have pain, it's nothing like I used to have.  I actually feel like a functional human being again.
I guess I've wasted enough time on this post.  Now I need to get back to work...

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Not much blogging last month

Last month was a very light month of blogging for me.  Mostly because there were a couple of weeks there where I wasn't able to focus much.  I had a nasty respiratory infection for a while that included a high fever, even forcing me to miss work (which I try my best not to do).  Shortly after that, I went to the doctor about my chronic pain.  We were able to get a referral to a surgeon, so hopefully at some point I'll be able to get in and see him, and maybe we'll get some answers.  In the mean time, my doctor put me on a new med for the pain, which actually seems to be having an effect.  However, and there's always a however, the medication has some difficult side effects.  For one, I'm dizzy quite often.  So much so that I actually did black out at one point, and at other times, I get these crazy tremors as I'm trying to regain my balance.  In addition, I'm also much more tired than usual.  All of this made for many unproductive weeks.
Now, I have to play catch up.  I still need to get the copies of The Martian Wave sent out.  I have two short story collections I need to edit for Nomadic Delirium Press.  I have e-books to format, and who knows what else.  It's going to be a busy September as I try to make up for everything I didn't get done in August.