Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A day at the ER

Yesterday was a fun day spent at the ER. Rebecca called me at work at 10:30 saying she was in intense pain and thought she needed to go to the hospital. I left work and quickly came home. She was having intense pain (she said it was worse than labor) in her back and abdomen.

So, we ended up going to the hospital. Seven hours later, we got the diagnosis we were expecting...kidney stones. She's not the type that does anything easy, however. She has them on both sides, and one of them is larger than normal...so it might not pass. I took today off from work to make sure the oldest got to school, and to keep an eye on the youngest, while I keep Rebecca doped up on pain killers.

Seven hours seems a bit ridiculous for a Monday afternoon at the ER. I know they have a triage system set up, but I don't think it works. There were a lot of people that got in before us who didn't even look like they were in pain...whereas she doubled up several times while we were waiting. If she'd had a severe kidney infection, those extra hours of waiting might have made a big difference in the final outcome.

After she was discharged, we went to get her prescriptions filled...that was the next part of the ridiculous day. Her anti-nausea prescription was $110 for 15 pills...and that was with insurance!!! Something tells me socialized medicine might not necessarily be a bad thing. The funniest thing about it was that her highly addictive narcotic pain killer was only $5. Yeah, the American health care system really works. I hate to imagine how much all of this would have cost us if it had been me...I don't have insurance. Even with her insurance, I'm sure this is going to set us back quite a bit.

The one sad part of the night was while she was in her room waiting, I saw the police bring a girl in who was probably 13 or 14. She was cuffed, and because they didn't have any empty beds, they were questioning her and giving her a breathalyzer in the hallway. I think she'd attempted suicide. In the two plus hours we were in the room, I never saw her parents show up...that's the biggest tragedy of all...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekend update

Things have been hectic around here, so that's the main reason for the lack of posting of late. We had the in-laws staying with us for a couple of weeks, so that kept us busy with a lot of different things. Since they left, the kids seem to have forgotten how to behave, so that's made life interesting.

This coming week was supposed to have been my final week at my "real" job, but it looks like we're going to stay open for at least one more week. I've been able to pick up some extra hours, and as a result, I should now qualify for unemployment if I don't find a job...which I don't think I will right away. I've never liked the idea of government aid of any kind, and I've never had to take any kind of aid in the past, but times are changing for all of us, and stimulus or not, the economy pretty much sucks right now.

In the writing corner, I've had a small press publisher pass on Red Moon Rising, but they gave me some very specific things that didn't work for them, and offered to re-read it if I can make the changes. Given my crazy schedule, it will probably be a few months before I can get back to work on the book.

My main writing project right now is still Ephemeris. I'm making progress on the game, but it's very slow progress. For editing, I'm pretty sure we've read all of the submissions for Infradead, and we will soon be finishing that up. I feel very bad about that project because I haven't had enough time to devote to it like I would have liked. As a result, our co-editor, Scott Virtes has had to pick up a lot of the slack...and I feel very bad about that. I'm also working on Wondrous Web Worlds Vol. 8, and I will hopefully be sending that off to Tyree at Sam's Dot in the next couple of weeks.

That's about it for now. I'll try to post more often as time allows it...but now I must feed the kids, and continue to try to find a "real" job.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Recognized in public

A few weeks ago, my oldest took a copy of Seedlings on the Solar Winds in for show and tell for her 2nd grade class...a lot of the kids were very excited about it.

Then last week, Rebecca and I were shopping for birthday gifts for the youngest when I suddenly heard a voice from below saying "You're the guy who writes books!" It was one of the oldest's classmates, and he was very excited. You would have thought he'd met whoever it is that little boys think is cool these days.

Authors are rarely recognized in public, so this was pretty cool for my first time...

Sunday, February 08, 2009

And of course the Hugos

Hugo balloting has also opened. If you attended Denvention or if you're already registered for Anticipation, you are eligible to vote. Simply go to...http://www.anticipationsf.ca.

If you're eligible, then you should certainly take advantage of it and vote. I wish I could attend Anticipation this year, but with the wedding and everything, we simply can't afford a trip to Montreal this year.

The Locus Poll

Locus Magazine has started their annual readers poll (although you don't have to be a subscriber to vote. This is a great way to vote for some of your favorite titles from last year, and it's also a good way to show support for Locus (one of the best resources in the speculative fiction field.) If you're interested in voting, simply go to https://secure.locusmag.com/2009/2009PollAndSurvey.html. The poll has drop-down menus for the items they consider worthy of voting for, but you can write-in a title or editor as well.

Should you be interested in voting for me, you can consider the following:
Short Stories: The Magenta Equations from Allegory E-Zine and Hunted from Tales of the Talisman. You can also consider me for editor...although I don't expect to beat out any of the people on the list...I am a realist as well.

Some other people and titles to consider:
Editors & Writers:
Tyree Campbell
David Lee Summers

Laura Givens

Aoife's Kiss
Tales of the Talisman
The Fifth Di...
The Martian Wave

Nomadic Delirium Press
Sam's Dot Publishing