Friday, October 28, 2011

A video review of the Ephemeris Role Playing Game

A more or less positive video review of the Ephemeris Role Playing Game...

I'm very happy that he took almost thirteen and a half minutes to talk about the game, and I agree with quite a bit of what he saw as issues with the game...most of which were more with the design of the core rulebook, as opposed to the actual design of the game.

I hope he reads this blog, because I'd like to say thanks!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My third novel has sold

Many years ago I wrote a story entitled "A Problem in Translation." This story was picked up by Alternate Realities, and was then later turned into an illustrated chapbook by Sam's Dot Publishing. I later wrote another story in the universe that was published by Hadrosaur Tales. The stories fit so well together that I decided to expand on them and turn them into a complete novel.

I'm now very happy to say that the novel has been picked up Sam's Dot Publishing and will be released in the Spring. As more details come in, I'll be sure to let all of you know...

Monday, October 24, 2011

MileHiCon 43

Another year's con has come and gone, and this one seemed to go faster than any in the past. I got an opportunity to talk to all of the usual suspects...and you know who you are...that I usually hang out with, and met lots of new people. Everyone was, of course, in love with the baby. She mostly stared at people at the beginning, but she eventually opened up and started smiling and waving at people.

Friday started out with a panel on the state of publishing, and we basically determined that it's in a state of flux, although I was surprised to learn that David Dvorkin in pushing for the grammerpocalypse (you had to be there.) In looking at my badge, I was surprised to learn that I was going to be a part of autograph alley, so I went to that after opening ceremonies. As I wasn't sitting with the main guests, I spent most of my time catching up with David Lee Summers, Gary Jonas, Carol Hightshoe, and Dana Bell.

Saturday was more or less an off day for me with no programming. I spent a lot of time doing the family stuff with the kids, and then took a break to sign at the Wolfsinger Publications table. They published one of my stories in their new Tale of Armageddon anthology. That night we went to the Smashy Claw concert. We've always been big fans of Odd Austin, so we were curious to see what this new project was. Unfortunately, the mix was off, and it was difficult to hear the vocals, so we still aren't sure what it's about. The baby really loved the music, however. She was dancing around in her stroller, and generally going crazy. Everyone sitting around us was laughing at her. After the concert was the masquerade, which had several good costumes, and several that seemed to be re-hashes of years gone by.

Sunday was my crazy day. Did a panel early in the day about fiction and RPGs. We had a good discussion, and we seemed to keep the audience entertained, which is always a good thing. The panel was moderated by my friend Ian Brazee-Cannon. This was the first time we'd ever done a panel together, so I had to have some fun at his expense. Next time you see him, just ask him if he's done any LARPs lately. I then did a reading and a signing, neither of which was well attended, and then concluded the day by moderating a panel on Mining in Space. I was the least qualified on the panel, which is probably why I was moderating it, but I think we put out a lot of good information, and hopefully the audience learned something.

MileHiCon is always so well done, and the entire staff deserves several rounds of applause, but especially Rose Beetem who does the programming. She always does a great job, and this year was no exception.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Updated Mile HiCon schedule

Here's my updated schedule for the Con, along with more information than was in the previous post...

Friday 4:00 pm
The New Landscape of Publishing
Grand Mesa B-C
Dan Dvorkin, Stephen Graham Jones, Eileen Schuh, James Van Pelt

Saturday 3:00 pm
I'll be signing at the WolfSinger Publications table.

Sunday 11:00 am
RPG Games: Fiction vs. Playing
Wind River B
Ian Brazee-Cannon, MT Fierce, Joseph Paul Haines, Christopher Salas

Sunday 1:00 pm
Author Reading
Mesa Verde C
Reading with Paul Cooley

Sunday 2:00 pm
Autograph Table
with Paul Cooley

Sunday 4:00 pm
Mining in Space
Wind River B
Dan Dvorkin, Rebecca Lickiss, Alastair Mayer, Wil McCarthy
I'll be moderating this panel, and there are actual rocket scientists on the it should be very interesting...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nomadic Delirium Press is looking for novels

Nomadic Delirium Press is now open for novel submissions. We're looking for a couple of science fiction novels that we can release in 2012. For more information, visit

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Taste of Armageddon

A new anthology, entitled A Taste of Armageddon has been released by WolfSinger Publications. The lead story in the anthology is by little old me. If you'd like to pick up your copy, you can find it at Amazon at

Smashwords also has the e-book, and you can find that at

The write-up for the book looks like this:
Advances in modern war techniques have led many to "cleaner" and "cleaner" weapons.
Countries have created missiles that can pinpoint a room within a building - greatly reducing the risks to
non-combatants in a war zone.

In the Star Trek episode "A Taste of Armegeddon" Captain Kirk challenged that war had to be messy so that
people had a reason to avoid it. In this collection 11 authors will look at ways that warfare will advance in the future
- from a war that has determined safe zones that cannot be attacked to a virtual war where a law still exists that can
require one-tenth of the population to be killed to a closed meeting room where world leaders order the destruction
of their own people to show just how far they will go in attacking the enemy.

Whether you agree with war or not, these stories will cause you to pause and think about the ways in which war is

And the contributors:
J. Alan Erwine
Grig Larson
David Lee Summers
Henry L. Lazarus
David Turnbull
RA Fitzgerald
Joyce Frohn
Dana Bell
John Lance
Frank Taveres
Ryan Kinker

Thursday, October 06, 2011

A Red Moon Rising sequel?

My publisher was telling me that he sold a copy of Red Moon Rising to a convention goer recently. Apparently the guy bought the book on Friday, read it over the weekend (how anyone finds time to read at a convention, I'll never know), and returned on Sunday asking if there was a sequel available for the book.

This surprised me. I wrote the book as a stand alone novel. The main story in the novel is the main character trying to come to terms with the death of his brother, and I think I wrapped that up pretty well. At the end of the book, it is clear that the main characters still have goals and things they want to accomplish, but their main goal has been achieved, and I never really thought that the other possibilities would be interesting to readers. Perhaps I was wrong.

At this time, I'm not planning on writing a sequel, but it is nice to know that someone enjoyed the book enough to want to read more.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

My MileHiCon 43 schedule

MileHiCon is almost here, running October 21st-23rd. Here is my schedule, and although it's still subject to change, this should be where you can find me...

The New Landscape of Publishing

I have no programming on Saturday, but Sunday should make up for that...

RPG Games: Fiction vs. Playing
Mining in Space

I'll post room information in a later blog, and I'll also let everyone know if there are any changes. I certainly hope that many of you can make it to most or all of these panels.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

I really miss writing

2010 wasn't the most productive year for me, and 2011 is looking like it will be even less so. Although I have done some work on a new novel and I've written a lot of supplemental material for the Ephemeris RPG, there hasn't been much else.

The arrival of Alexis has obviously taken up a lot of my time, and I certainly wouldn't want to give up any of that time, and the job is also taking up a lot of my time, especially since Rebecca and I work opposite schedules, which doesn't leave much free time for writing. The job would be something I'd be willing to give up, although there's that whole money thing...we just can't seem to do without it, even though we've tried.

Hopefully as 2011 winds down, and 2012 starts, I'll find the time to write's always good to hope, right?

Saturday, October 01, 2011

September recap

Eventually I'll start blogging as much as I used to, but time's just not allowing it right now. Here's what I was talking about in September...

The Goebbels Churn The Company vs. Red Moon Rising

Ephemeris e-books Now Available at Smashwords

Ed Bryant needs our help

The first issue of The Martian Wave