Saturday, December 30, 2006

Future Syndicate

Future Syndicate is an anthology that looks at crime and criminals in the future. The collection was edited by me, and it will be released on January 25th. However, the publisher is currently running a pre-sale on the book through their website. It's just $10 plus shipping & handling.
Right now it's just a pre-sale item, and it can only be ordered through the publisher. Once it's released, it will be available from most booksellers.
Order a copy today!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Just a couple of days left

I just wanted to remind everyone that there are just a few days left on the pre-sale of Just Because at The Genre Mall. Right now the collection is $12.00 + goes up to $15.99 + shipping on Jan. 2nd, so if you want a good deal on a collection of works from James Baker, you need to act now!

Click on the title of this entry for all of the details...

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Amazon links

I've now added links for a few of my books so that you can order them directly from I've had several people ask me about that, so now's your chance...

Let it snow!

I just thought I'd upload some pictures I took just after sunrise this morning. We've had close to two feet of snow so far, and the drifts are pretty intimidating. It's still snowing a bit, and we're still expecting another two or three inches.

I would have gotten some better pictures, but I basically can't get off the steps of my apartment unless I want to dive into those big drifts.

You can tell who drove in late in the storm, and who was here for the whole thing...

That's an SUV stuck back there. The white mound behind it is another car...

That's my neighbors car that you can just barely see closest to the camera.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It was ten years ago today

It was ten years ago today
It was ten years ago today that the world lost one of its greatest minds. This is the day that Carl Sagan passed away.
Sagan was well known as a popularizer of science. His PBS show Cosmos had a huge influence on a lot of people, including a ten year old boy living outside of Cleveland.
I was a precocious little geek of a kid that was completely in love with science. I already had a telescope, and I spent hours every clear night outside looking up at the stars, and wondering what might be out there. Then Cosmos came on, and I found that a lot of my questions were being asked on the show, and I loved the potential answers.
Shortly after watching that series, I read two of Carl's books...The Dragons of Eden and Broca's Brain. Some of the material was a bit over my head...I was ten after all...but I understood a lot of it, and he forever changed my life.
It may sound odd, but next to my family, Carl Sagan probably had the biggest influence on my life. I probably wouldn't have become a science fiction writer if I hadn't been exposed to his work.
I never even fully realized what an effect he had on me until I was in college. I can remember sitting on the second floor of the Auraria Campus library...I was supposed to be studying, but instead, I was working on a short story. The story was about aliens living in a gas giant. I thought it was a great idea, but there seemed to be something familiar about the aliens. About six months later, I was watching Cosmos on PBS for the first time since I was ten, and he was describing potential life forms in a gas giant. My aliens were very similar to what he was describing. I hadn't seen the show in a decade and a half, but those aliens had stuck with me, and as I watched the reruns, I realized a lot of other things from that show had stuck with me as well...
Carl Sagan is dearly missed. His voice and wisdom would be greatly welcome in the world we currently live in...

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Just Because

Many years ago, James Baker was the first editor to buy one of my stories. Later he would also take me under his wing and give me my first job as an editor. I owe much of my success in this business to that one man.

When Jim was claimed by cancer on September 18th, 2002, I promised myself that I would gather together his stories, poems, and essays and put them into a collection. Unfortunately, time and a job that sucked the life out of me never let me do that.

Earlier this year when I left my real job, I swore to myself that I would finish the book. Now, on what would have been Jim's 81st birthday, Sam's Dot Publishing (the continuation of Jim's ProMart Publishing) has announced that the book will be released on Jan. 2nd.

This book is more than just a collection of one man's works. It also features insights from the people who knew Jim, and it contains a lot of my own personal memories of attempt at drawing a better picture of a man I wish many of you could have known.

The Genre Mall is currently offering the book at a special pre-sale price of $12.00 plus shipping & handling. If you'd like to order a copy, please go to...

Friday, December 15, 2006

New releases

Stay tuned for information on new releases from me...things I've written...thing I've edited...a lot going on.

First announcement will be on Sunday!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A new record...

...and it's not one I wanted. I've gotten three rejections of the same story in a two day period! I didn't even think that would be possible.

The sad thing is that the story wasn't even a simultaneous submission. The first one was a couple of weeks late, but the next two came about four or five hours after I'd submitted the story.

Maybe it's time to go back and re-work this thing...