Friday, October 30, 2015

Ephemeris sale

Borrowed from the Nomadic Delirium Press blog:
It's time to stock up on all of the products you need for your Ephemeris game. Through Nov. 13th, get all Ephemeris titles for 30% off!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

10% off sale

Borrowed from the Nomadic Delirium Press blog:
For the next two weeks, you can get several of our most recent e-books for 10% off at Smashwords.
Quantum Women by Tyree Campbell Use coupon code GJ82U.
The Martian Wave: 2015 Use coupon code QQ84T.
A Robot, a Cyborg, and a Martian Walk into a Space Bar Use coupon code LA97H.
Taurin Tales Use coupon code WG32B.

Monday, October 26, 2015

MileHiCon 47 recap

Another year of MileHiCon has come and gone.  This year seemed to fly by even faster.  We think it was mostly because we didn't stay at the hotel this year because we just couldn't afford it.  It was great seeing a lot of our old con friends, but there were several people that we somehow never ran into.
This year I had three panels and a signing, but for Friday night, I didn't have anything.  We showed up a bit later than usual because there were other things going on.  We went to the opening ceremonies and Jul and I were recruited into getting crowd members to be part of the opening ceremonies, which were based on "Guardians of the Galaxy."
Saturday was a busy day for me.  I started out with a panel on the similarities and differences between game and book publishing, which went well, which I think was true of all of the panels I did this year.  We kind of got away from the main topic on this one, but we still gave out a lot of great info on game design and publishing.
Immediately after the panel, I had a signing.  Unfortunately, the signing table was not in the greatest place, and there was very little foot traffic in the area, so the signing didn't go well.  In the future, we're talking about trying to get a Nomadic Delirium Press table in either the dealers room or on Author's Row.  That might be a bit more than we can immediately afford, but maybe we can start selling a lot more NDP books in the near future.
Immediately after the signing, I was on a panel about what got us into science fiction and fantasy.  This was one of those fun panels, and there was a fairly large crowd.  We all seemed to have a great time, but once we got on the topic of YA books to get kids into reading sf and fantasy, I was pretty much left out, as I never have read many YA books.  I got into the field with some of the adult material.  Still, it was a fun panel.
Saturday night concluded with the mask parade, which the two younger kids participated in and the masquerade.
I only had one panel on Sunday, which was about trends in publishing.  This one was standing room only, and it was a great panel, although we certainly didn't agree on everything.
During the Con, I was able to talk to one person about a secret project that we're going to start working on next year.  It will be a long term project, and I can't discuss it yet, but I think it will be fun.  I was also able to talk to Laura Givens about doing a cover for "Disharmony of the Spheres."  We have a great concept, and we have the perfect model for the cover, a beautiful teenage girl who is a brave crusader for everyone suffering from depression.  I think it will be truly awesome!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Martian Wave bundle

Taken from the Nomadic Delirium Press blog:
DriveThruFiction is currently carrying a bundle of all three issues of The Martian Wave.  You can get PDF versions of the 2013, 2014, and 2015 issues for just $7.50. That's over 100,000 words about the exploration and colonization of space.  It's a deal you can't afford to pass up.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My MileHiCon schedule

Here is what looks to be my final MileHiCon schedule for this year...
Saturday at Noon: Game Publishing/Book Publishing: Similarities & Differences
Saturday at 1:00 Signing
Saturday at 2:00 You Always Remember Your First...
What SF/F/H is the earliest you recall? Perhaps it’s Dr. Seuss, or The Twilight Zone, Maybe not the fairytales you were read––or maybe so––but the first you picked up on your own, the first that made an impression, that warped you forever. Our panelists share memories! 
Sunday at 10:00 Trends in Publishing...
Are magazines doomed? Will people even pay for content anymore? Are audio books making a comeback? What the heck do readers want these days? 

Hope to see some of you there...

Monday, October 19, 2015

Disharmony of the Spheres

From the Nomadic Delirium Press website...
Nomadic Delirium Press is pleased to announce that we are reading for a new anthology...
Disharmony of the Spheres
Disharmony of the Spheres will be a science fiction anthology in which the main character must be battling some type of mental illness.  While we will consider stories where the character is dealing with an illness like schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder, what we really want to see is characters that are battling an illness like depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, PTSD, etc.  This is meant to be an uplifting collection of stories, so the characters must overcome their illness to defeat whatever they’re up against.  They don’t necessarily have to overcome their illness completely, but they must show that even when suffering from a mental illness, a person can still achieve great things.
Story particulars: We want stories that are 2,000 words or longer.  All stories must be science fiction, and they must fit into the guidelines as outlined above.
What we’re paying: We will pay $5 per story for one time rights, and we will also pay two contributor copies.  This is less than we would normally pay for an anthology, but half of all of the profits from this book will be going to the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention organization, which helps to battle teen suicide.  We will consider reprints for this anthology.
Where to send your stories: All stories should be sent to editor (at) nomadicdeliriumpress (dot) com.  The subject line should include “Disharmony submission.”
Response times: We will respond to all submissions within two months.
Other questions: If you have any other questions, please feel free to send them to the address above.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

More ranting about mental health issues in America

A while back I posted a blog entry talking about how mental health issues are treated differently than physical health issues.  Well, I'm going to go on about it again, as this is an issue that's very important to me.  I've dealt with depression off and on throughout my life.  Rebecca still deals with PTSD as a result of being robbed at gunpoint.  Other members of my family have dealt with affective and anxiety issues, and earlier this year a dear friend of mine was hospitalized because she was having trouble dealing with gender identity issues, so mental health is something that I'm always thinking about.  It probably also doesn't hurt that I hold a degree in psychology either...
One thing I've noticed is that if someone tells another person that their child has been admitted to the hospital because they're undergoing testing for something like cancer, people react differently than if you were to say that the child was undergoing psychiatric evaluation and testing for depression.  Why should this be different?  Both are ailments, and both children deserve our sympathy, but the child being tested for depression is more likely to be looked at as being weak, or the parents are going to be looked at as if they've done something wrong.  An important thing to remember is that most psychiatric disorders have a physical and biological cause.  Most cases of depression are caused by a neurotransmitter imbalance, but somehow this is viewed as being different than abnormal cell growth causing cancer.  Both of these illnesses have a very physical causative agent.
It's true that life choices can exacerbate an already existing psychiatric condition.  For example, continuing to date someone who is abusive can make a depressed person's depression worse.  So, should we judge these people because their choices have helped contribute to their illness?  Before you say yes, keep in mind that a lot of physical ailments can be exacerbated by our life choices as well.  How many health issues, especially in America, are made worse by our eating habits?  We usually don't judge people for making decisions that helped lead to their cancer (except maybe for lung cancer) or any other ailment, so why should we do it with mental health issues.
Once again, until America wakes up and realizes that mental illness is an illness, not a weakness, we are not going to be able to solve many of our problems.  And things like gun violence are only going to get worse.
Please don't judge someone who is dealing with a mental health issue.  You have no idea what they are going for, just as you don't really know what someone with a severe illness is going through unless you've dealt with it yourself.  There's no difference whatsoever between physical health issues and mental health issues.  No difference at all!

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Ecotastrophe II

Borrowed from the Nomadic Delirium Press website:
We're now looking for submissions for a new anthology...
In 2006, Sam’s Dot Publishing released an anthology about the effects of global climate change on humanity called Ecotastrophe.  Now that it’s been almost ten years since the release, and global climate change still seems a possible threat to humanity, Nomadic Delirium Press has decided to release Ecotastrophe II.  Like the original collection, this one will be edited by J Alan Erwine.
What we’re looking for: We want science fiction stories between 3,000 and 10,000 words that look at the effects of global climate change (preferably the extreme effects) on humanity and the other creatures of Earth.  We’re not looking for stories about the change, but rather the effects of the change.  Although we’d love to have a lot of stories that look at the hard science of climate change, we also want stories that look at the soft sciences.  It’s important that the stories focus on the people, rather than the science, but we still want the science to be plausible.
What we’re paying: We will pay $10 for first rights to any story.  We will also pay two contributor copies.  If possible, we will increase this payment…but we can’t guarantee that.
Where to send your little gems: All submissions should be sent to editor (at) nomadicdeliriumpress (dot) com.  Your subject should be “Ecotastrophe Submission”.
Response times: We will respond to all submissions within two months.
Publication date: We are shooting for a mid-Summer 2016 release.
Other questions: If you have any other questions, please send them to the submission address.

Monday, October 05, 2015

My preliminary MileHiCon schedule

Here is my preliminary schedule for MileHiCon.  It's still subject to change, and I'm also hoping to add a signing.  I'll post a complete schedule when we get closer to Con time...

Saturday at Noon: Game Publishing/Book Publishing: Similarities & Differences
Saturday at 2: You Always Remember Your First - get your minds out of the's not what you think...

Sunday at 2: Trends in Publishing

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Royalties, royalties, and more royalties

September was one of those months when quite a few royalty payments showed up in the last couple of weeks, and although none of them were especially large, they did add up to what seemed like a decent chunk of change.  The royalties did, for a while, make me feel like this whole writer/editor/game designer/publisher thing was actually working out.  Then I stopped and thought about it and realized that all of those royalties together were less than what I make in one paycheck from my awful "real" job, and then I was sad.
Truth is, my income from all of these endeavors is increasing every year, although it's a gradual increase.  Let's just say that if you were graphing them, I'm nowhere close to my income being asymptotic, but it's an increase nevertheless.  At this rate, I should be able to support myself some time around my 200th birthday, and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to support my family before my 400th...