Monday, October 26, 2015

MileHiCon 47 recap

Another year of MileHiCon has come and gone.  This year seemed to fly by even faster.  We think it was mostly because we didn't stay at the hotel this year because we just couldn't afford it.  It was great seeing a lot of our old con friends, but there were several people that we somehow never ran into.
This year I had three panels and a signing, but for Friday night, I didn't have anything.  We showed up a bit later than usual because there were other things going on.  We went to the opening ceremonies and Jul and I were recruited into getting crowd members to be part of the opening ceremonies, which were based on "Guardians of the Galaxy."
Saturday was a busy day for me.  I started out with a panel on the similarities and differences between game and book publishing, which went well, which I think was true of all of the panels I did this year.  We kind of got away from the main topic on this one, but we still gave out a lot of great info on game design and publishing.
Immediately after the panel, I had a signing.  Unfortunately, the signing table was not in the greatest place, and there was very little foot traffic in the area, so the signing didn't go well.  In the future, we're talking about trying to get a Nomadic Delirium Press table in either the dealers room or on Author's Row.  That might be a bit more than we can immediately afford, but maybe we can start selling a lot more NDP books in the near future.
Immediately after the signing, I was on a panel about what got us into science fiction and fantasy.  This was one of those fun panels, and there was a fairly large crowd.  We all seemed to have a great time, but once we got on the topic of YA books to get kids into reading sf and fantasy, I was pretty much left out, as I never have read many YA books.  I got into the field with some of the adult material.  Still, it was a fun panel.
Saturday night concluded with the mask parade, which the two younger kids participated in and the masquerade.
I only had one panel on Sunday, which was about trends in publishing.  This one was standing room only, and it was a great panel, although we certainly didn't agree on everything.
During the Con, I was able to talk to one person about a secret project that we're going to start working on next year.  It will be a long term project, and I can't discuss it yet, but I think it will be fun.  I was also able to talk to Laura Givens about doing a cover for "Disharmony of the Spheres."  We have a great concept, and we have the perfect model for the cover, a beautiful teenage girl who is a brave crusader for everyone suffering from depression.  I think it will be truly awesome!

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