Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend Update

Friday was the big Twitter release party for the Ephemeris RPG...12 hours of tweeting is enough to drive just about anyone batty...myself included. We had a decent crowd in the morning, and then things thinned out later in the day. Overall, I'm hoping it was a success.

Even though the game is now out, we still haven't seen any copies. The printer has had some problems with the cover, but hopefully we'll be seeing them this week. I'm also hopeful that we'll have the Amazon link at that time as well, and I'll post that here as soon as I have it.

In other news, we're now 10 days away from the oldest starting 3rd grade. I think it will be good to get her back in school because she and the youngest are spending way too much time together, and any of you who have kids know what that means.

For those of you who have followed this blog for a long time, you know I'm a HUGE cycling fan, and of course today was the end of the Tour de France, and although they predicted it was going to be a hugely competitive race, it wasn't anything like I think the fans were hoping for. Maybe next year with two of the Contador and Armstrong on different teams we'll see a little more competition.

Watching cycling is kind of bittersweet for me anymore. Every time I see something interesting, I immediately want to e-mail my friend Joe to talk to him about it...then I remember that Joe passed away due to cancer a couple of years ago...

Now, I must get back to creating more material for Ephemeris...yes, even though the game is done, it's only one rulebook. We still have a lot of stuff to create...and maybe I'll even find some time for some fiction now.

If any of you are interested in ordering a copy of the game, please go to

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm back

We got back from Texas a few days ago, and I'm just now getting caught up to a point where I can blog again. Texas was about what I expected...flat, desolate, and hot. We were about an hour west of Fort Worth, and there doesn't seem to be much there, and the day we got there the high hit 105. I was more than ready to leave at that point.

We brought two puppies back with us. One for our girls and one for their cousin. They're lab mixes, and they're both very cute. Our girls named theirs Spike Joe, and at 9 weeks he was already 15 he's going to be a very big boy. Spike Joe is currently staying with the girls' grandpa and uncle because we simply don't have room in our apartment.

The Ephemeris release is going to be Friday July 24th, and we will be celebrating the release all day on Twitter (10-10 EDT). If you're interested in keeping track, you just need to follow @jalanerwine or #Ephemeris. We'll be talking about the game, answering questions about the game, and even giving away a couple of copies. If you want to take advantage of the pre-sale price, you're almost out of time. Go to, and order your copy before the price goes up!!!

I'm looking forward to the release...after it's over with, I can start focusing on fiction again...unless the game's a huge hit...then I'll have to write more material for it, but I won't mind that one bit!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Ephemeris Cover

I just got the final version of the cover for the Ephemeris RPG, and here it is...

Hopefully that will catch some eyes!

We're leaving in Texas in a few hours to pick up the kids. Hopefully I will be back by the end of the weekend. I doubt that there's Internet access there, but I will try to Twitter by phone when I can. Just follow @jalanerwine if you want to keep track of how miserable I am in the Texas heat...

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th

Raining like crazy here right now, so I'm sure a lot of plans have been washed out. I didn't really have any plans, so no big deal for me personally. Rebecca is working tonight and the girls are still in Texas, so I was just going to sit on the balcony and watch fireworks if there were any I could see...but that was just an excuse to not work, so I'll probably work instead.

On Wednesday, we head to Texas to pick the young 'uns up, and then we should be back on Saturday.

On the marriage front, it looks like we probably have a restaurant to have our reception at. They've never done anything like this before, but the manager seemed receptive, and said they'd do it...but I still have some nagging doubts about whether or not it will really come to fruition.

On the professional front, I'll be hanging out on Twitter on Monday July 6th from 7 pm EDT - 8 pm EDT to talk about Ephemeris. I hope some of you will be able to join me for the conversation.

Other than that, things are status quo on the homefront. I may try to post again before we leave for Texas, but if not, you'll hear from me in a little over a week.