Tuesday, October 31, 2006

MileHiCon Update 3-Sunday

After much sleep deprivation, it was time for the final day of the con. Sunday morning I went to a panel on pitching to an editor at a Con, which also talked a lot about pitching to an agent at a Con. It was all kind of common sense logic, but I still learned a few things from it.

At 11:00, Tyree had a panel called "E-Publishing and Zines." He was on the panel with fellow ProMartian/Sam's Dotian, Carol Hightshoe...as well as Graeme Davis and A.C. Ellis again. This one I basically went to because Tyree was there...I already know quite a bit on this subject, and half the time I felt like I was on the panel with the way Tyree kept asking me questions.

At noon, it was off to the dealers room for another signing. This one went pretty well. We definitely sold some book, and signed quite a bit. I really think Tyree will make a lot of money if he can get in the dealers' room next year. The dealers' room is almost always full, no matter the time, and people are definitely willing to spend money at this con.

At 1:00, Tyree had a panel called"Congratulation, It's an Anthology." This panel was moderated by Ed Bryant. If you're into speculative fiction at all, you should know Ed Bryant, and if you don't, I would suggest you get to know him! I had the chance to have dinner with him last year, and we went to a Henry Rollins show about a month after the con, and the man is just a wealth of information...and a really nice guy as well! I learned quite a bit about how anthologies are done in the major markets, and I think Ed had one of the best comments of the weekend. I don't remember exactly how he said it, so I'm paraphrasing...but he mentioned that he tried to avoid editing anthologies these days because his last anthology had the likes of Dan Simmons, Connie Willis, and other writers of that caliber...and how do you top that?

The last thing I went to was a reading by Rebecca Rowe and Glenn Lewis Gillette. Rebecca just released her first novel a few months ago, and I'd had the pleasure of seeing her read at the Tattered Cover here in Denver shortly after it came out. Her book Forbidden Cargo should be a must read. It's a fantastic first novel! I'd run into Rebecca several times during the Con, and she's just such a nice person that you feel like you have to support her. Josh, who was my entourage for the weekend had been intrigued by her book, and had purchased a copy, so we both figured we'd go hear her read.

That was the wrap-up of the Con. I'm ready for next year's convention already.

Keep in mind, pictures are up on my website, so head on over and check them out, and while you're there, buy a book or two...or three or more....

Monday, October 30, 2006

MileHiCon Update 2-Saturday

Saturday started out with going to a panel called "Should Space Travel be Privatized." The panelists on this one were Eric Boethin, Hugh Gregory, GoH the Stevens', a friend of mine, and editor of Tales of the Talisman, Dave Summers, and one of my friend's dads Tony Muscatello. This was a great panel. There was a lot of information, and I walked out of there with quite a few story ideas...and some possible problems with the novel I'm working on...have to figure out what to do with that...

The next few hours were spent talking to Tyree about various writing and Sam's Dot things. We also spent some time with Ian Brazee-Cannon, a new writer that we were the first to publish...just carrying on the work James Baker set out for us so long ago.

From 2:00-4:00 we were sponsoring the ConSuite. Unfortunately, Tyree didn't bring enough food, and so we had some people who were definitely grumbling...thanks to the Hobbit for going out and getting more food! We spent the two hours selling books, and we did quite well. We sold several copies of Ecotastrophe, and I sold a few copies of my books. In just those two hours, Tyree was able to cover his expenses...so it should be interesting to see what he can do if he can get a table in the Dealers' Room next year.

After that, there was a lull...the few hours around dinner are always the slowest, and without much sleep...it was a little tough to just sit around.

The night ended with the masquerade. A few great costumes, but not a lot of participation this year. Then there was the literacy auction...some great items, but I wasn't about to spend any money there.

Then came the improv. Laura Givens and the improv troupe she belongs to put on a great show. I laughed so hard, I was actually in pain!

101 porn stars go into a bar
Bartender says we can't serve 101 porn stars
101 porn stars say, that's ok, we'll cum again...

Then it was off to more parties...and no sleep.

Pictures are now up on my homepage!

MileHiCon Update 1-Friday

Now that I've had a little bit of a chance to rest up, I'll start the update with Friday...hopefully I'll have pictures up later tonight, but they didn't turn out all that well, so I'm not too thrilled about that.

The day became an adventure even before we got to the con. Driving down I-25, there was an accident two lanes over from us between a pickup and a van. Had either of them been spinning a little more, they probably would have smacked into the cars next to us, and pushed us into the dividing wall...it was that close!

Once at the Con, I met Sam's Dot's Tyree Campbell for the very first time (hard to believe!) We chatted for a while before I had to do my first and only panel, "Where Do Writers Get Their Ideas." I was on the panel with Rebecca Bates (who I'd just published in Ecotastrophe), veteran writer Cynthia Felice, and Con toastmaster Mark Ferrari. The topic isn't all that good of one since basically writers get their ideas from just about everywhere, but we did the best we could with it.

For 4:00 on a Friday, we actually had a pretty good crowd, and I think we entertained pretty well, and hopefully we even educated some people. There were some great questions, and we had such a diverse group of panelists that we proabably could have answered anything that was thrown at us.

At 5:00, I had a reading in the room next door. I was scheduled with Gary Jonas, who I had only met on MySpace (sad, I know,) and we actually had a pretty good turn out for two "lesser" known writers. I read my usual torture scene from Opium of the People, and Gary read something that was a little lighter and more fun. We both read short excerpts and spent the rest of the hour chatting with the audience...and again I think we had a pretty good time.

At 6:00 it was back to the first room I was in for Tyree's first panel..."I Just Started Publishing...Now What?" Tyree was on the panel with Carrie Vaughn, A.C. Ellis, Thea, Hutchenson, Greg Hyde, and Jeanne Stein. Things were a little disorganized, but they managed to get some good info out.

At 7:00, yeah it was a busy day, it was off to opening ceremonies, which are just a chance to get your name mentioned so that everyone can see who's there. As always, any publicity is good publicity.

At 8:00 it was off to Autograph Alley...or sit on my ass and watch everyone down at the Guest of Honor tables. Several people stopped by to chat...but no sales.

At 9:00 it was off to Networking in the Bar, which is always the highlight of the weekend. Most of the authors congregate and just sit around and talk about writing. Just a few of the authors I talked to for a little while that night: Ed Bryant, Wil McCarthy, Cynthia Felice, Dave Summers, Dave Riley, Rebecca Bates, Glenn Lewis Gillette, Thea Hutchenson, David Boop, Rick Friesen, and others. I probably spelled some of those names wrong...and I apologize.

After that it was off to the parties, which were kind of lame that night. Of course, we also had a fire alarm and my friend lost his keys.

That was basically it for that day...

Sunday, October 29, 2006

MileHiCon update 0

I have just returned from the con, and I'm dead on my feet. It was quite successful, and I will have more to post on it once I get some sleep!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

An update

I'm going to try this again. So far, blogger has lost my previous two posts...so here we go again...

It's been a while since I've posted anything, so I thought I'd at least pop in and let people know what's going on.

I've mostly been working on revisions of the new novel. I was horrified to learn that most of the major publishers have upped their minimum word counts to 80,000 words, and my novel comes up short. So, I've been working on trying to cram words into the book without it looking like I'm cramming words in.

MileHiCon is just over a week away, and it looks like it will be a great con this year...as long as the weather holds...

I still have a few copies left of my illustrated short story A Problem in Translation. You can order them through my website at http://www.jalanerwine.com/directpurchase.htm . I'll even sign them...

Monday, October 02, 2006


The schedule for MileHiCon has been posted. The dates are Oct. 27-29 here in Denver, and it looks like I'm going to be mad busy the first day...then more of a fan the final two.

Here's my schedule for the Con:

Friday 4-5 Where Writers Get their Ideas

Friday 5-6 Reading

Friday 8-9 Autograph Alley

Friday 9-... Writers' Networking in the Bar

Saturday 2-4 Sam's Dot Publishing Hosts the Con Suite

Sunday Noon-1 Autographing along with Tyree Campbell

Hope to see some of you there...