Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday Specials

With this being Cyber Monday, I figured I should let all of you know about some specials involving books I've written...or helped to write.

DriveThru SciFi has a Nomadic Delirium Press e-book bundle for just $5. You get three of my books...Seedlings on the Solar Winds, The Opium of the People, and Marionettes on the you also get The Poet by James Baker. four e-books for $5 is hard to beat. Simply go to and order all four now

DriveThru RPG has the e-book version of the core rulebook for Ephemeris available for $5. You just have to go to and you can start playing tonight.

Both of these sales are only for Monday, November 30th, so you need to order now!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to pop in and wish all of my readers in America a Happy Thanksgiving! At our home, we're just going to have a small gathering. It will just be Rebecca, the girls, probably her brother, and me obviously. We'll be doing a small turkey and a ham, as well as potatoes, corn, and most of the other traditional Thanksgiving foods.
Rebecca bought a holiday cookbook a couple of months ago, and we're starting a tradition where each Thanksgiving two of us will pick something, and on Christmas the other two will pick something. This Thanksgiving, it's my turn as well as the oldest's turn. For some unfathomable reason (at least to me), the oldest picked shrimp cocktail...I will of course not be indulging in that. I, on the other hand, picked a chocolate cheesecake, which should not come as a surprise to anyone that knows me.
One thing we're going to do that would fall more into the non-traditional foods would be that I'm going to be making my Chickasaw Frybread.
I think it's important that while we're all celebrating what we're thankful for that we keep the Native Americans in our minds. Of all of the racial groups in the US, they've really gotten screwed the most, and Thanksgiving is a reminder of that, so please take a moment to remember the tragedy that has been perpetuated in the name of America on the original inhabitants of this continent.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Whipping the WIPs

The last few days have been very productive. Yesterday I finished up the Expanded Ephemeris Equipment List. This Ephemeris RPG supplement is meant to add to the equipment list that was provided in the original rulebook. There just wasn't enough room in the original book to come up with a good equipment list, so the EEEL gives you 65 pages of equipment, and it's all available as a free download from DriveThru RPG at

Just moments ago, I also finished writing up the notes for the re-write of Red Moon Rising. The next step is to actually attack the re-write, which I'm hoping will only take two or three weeks.

Progress is good!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The WIPs

I currently have two major projects that I'm working on. The first is the re-write of Red Moon Rising. This is progressing well, although I think I still need to soften the antagonist a little. He still seems a little too harsh to be believable. If all goes well, I should still be sending this off to the publisher by the middle of December...and then we sit back and cross our fingers.

The second project I'm working on is the Expanded Ephemeris Equipment List. When we released the initial rulebook for the game, it had a small list of "goods," but it was nowhere near enough, and I've been working on a much larger list. I was originally thinking that this would be available by the end of the month, but I might actually be able to get this done before Thanksgiving...assuming that life doesn't interfere. Once it's done, NDP will be making it available as a free any Ephemeris players out there, get ready for a lot of new stuff you can add to your character!

In addition to these two biggies, I'm working on getting the December Sam's Dot update ready, putting together the first print issue of The Martian Wave, and putting together Wondrous Web Worlds Vol. dozens of other smaller projects.

It seems like a lot, but I only seem to be happy when I'm truly overwhelmed!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oh deer

Yesterday, as the snow was starting to fall, I went to the window, and I saw these visitors coming up out of the canal behind our place...

I knew we had deer around here, but I never really expected them to come this close. The girls were really excited to see something like that so close...although they seemed to be more worried about getting!

Revisions on Red Moon Rising are continuing. It's my hope that I will be turning in the final revisions to the publisher about one week before Christmas. It would be nice to get them done earlier, but you know, there's this little thing called LIFE that always seems to get in the way...

Monday, November 09, 2009

And so it begins...

I've finally started on the much-delayed revisions of Red Moon Rising. As a refresher, this is my environmental disaster novella that I've been working on off and on for more than a decade.

A small press publisher read the most recent draft and was intrigued, but felt that the book need some extensive revisions...or at least the first third of the book needed revisions.

I hate revising, but I'm through chapter one now, and I'm heading into the parts of the book that really need work.

Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Marionettes on the Moon is an e-book now too

My second short story collection, Marionettes on the Moon, and other stories, is now available as an e-book at DriveThru SF. You can find it at:

And the best part is that the collection will only cost you $1.00.

When Living is a Crime

My rather dark SF short story When Living is a Crime has been published in the latest issue of Tales of the Talisman, which can be ordered from The Genre Mall at

Info about the issue: Karen Anne Mitchell introduces us to a Taiyiha--a woman who has been made into the ultimate lover by aliens--and a lonely man who faces his own inner demons. Join Lawrence R. Dagstine as he shows us the lengths a werewolf must go to adopt a child. Danielle Ackley-McPhail gives us a glimpse into the life of a lonely man and the solace he receives from a humble visitor. J Alan Erwine will show you a dark future where a soldier who has seen too much is treated as a criminal. This issue includes eleven stories and eleven poems guaranteed to sweep you away on wings of the imagination. Don’t miss the autumn 2009 issue of Tales of the Talisman!

The opening paragraph of my story: Moonlight through a smoky haze and a field strewn with contorted corpses. That was the sight Niklas found when his brain finally let him see again. He didn't know who the invaders had been, but he knew the corpses on the field. Bodies that had fallen on one another until rigor mortis finally set in, locking them in poses out of Satan's version of the Kama Sutra. Friends who had gone to the Great Beyond before him. Friends that would hopefully guide him in the days and weeks to come.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Two of my titles are now available at DriveThru SciFi as e-books. You can find The Opium of the People at, and Seedlings on the Solar Winds, and other stories at

They're both priced $10 off the normal trade paperback price, so what are you waiting for???