Sunday, October 16, 2011

Updated Mile HiCon schedule

Here's my updated schedule for the Con, along with more information than was in the previous post...

Friday 4:00 pm
The New Landscape of Publishing
Grand Mesa B-C
Dan Dvorkin, Stephen Graham Jones, Eileen Schuh, James Van Pelt

Saturday 3:00 pm
I'll be signing at the WolfSinger Publications table.

Sunday 11:00 am
RPG Games: Fiction vs. Playing
Wind River B
Ian Brazee-Cannon, MT Fierce, Joseph Paul Haines, Christopher Salas

Sunday 1:00 pm
Author Reading
Mesa Verde C
Reading with Paul Cooley

Sunday 2:00 pm
Autograph Table
with Paul Cooley

Sunday 4:00 pm
Mining in Space
Wind River B
Dan Dvorkin, Rebecca Lickiss, Alastair Mayer, Wil McCarthy
I'll be moderating this panel, and there are actual rocket scientists on the it should be very interesting...

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