Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Pain update

Regular readers of this blog know that I suffer from chronic pain, and I do get an occasional e-mail asking how I'm doing, so I figured an update was in order. The simple answer is...not well.  The pain has gotten quite a bit worse in the last couple of months with an average day being around a 3 on a ten point scale.  Although that might not sound bad, that's constant pain no matter what I'm doing.  At best, I occasionally have a day where I'm at a 1, but those are becoming more and more rare, and I never have a day where I don't deal with pain.
The last week has been especially bad with the pain level being up around a 5, and last night I overdid it at work while helping to move some boxes around.  After I was done, I actually almost blacked out from the pain, and this morning I'm up around a 6 or 7.  If I stop moving and breathing, it helps ease the pain, but I don't see those as viable options at this point in time as a long term cure.
Now that I have insurance again, we're trying to get me in to our doctor, but so far, he hasn't had appointments that fit our schedule.  We're both working, and we have back to school for the kids, so there aren't many options for us at this time.  Rebecca absolutely has to go to the appointments with me since this is going to certainly have an impact on her, since I'm now pretty much convinced that I will eventually have to go under the knife, especially as long as I continue to work in retail, where lifting is almost a must.
I've looked into the rules for qualifying for disability, and it's like jumping through flaming hoops, and since I have a college education and could be retrained, it would be much harder to qualify...although I have to be able to work opposite of Rebecca's day job so that one of us is always here for the kids.  It kind of sucks that if I'd dropped out of high school and had no skills, I might be able to get help...
For now, I soldier on, and try to do my best to not make the pain even worse...and that's not easy, considering I've popped ribs by sneezing...

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