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Goatherds & Gods is available for pre-order


More than a quarter of a century ago, an editor by the name of Jim Baker published my very first story. He then turned me into an editor, and we worked together for years before he passed away. When he did leave us, I became the owner of his works, both complete and incomplete. One of his novels, Goatherds & Gods was a great story in my opinion, although it lacked proper execution. As a result, I never rereleased this book.

As my skills have, hopefully, improved over the years, I finally felt that I had the ability to turn the book into what it should be, and so a little over a year ago, I began rewriting the book. Most of Jim's original writing is still there, I just hopefully improved on it.

So, without further ado, I give you...


 The e-book version of Goatherds & Gods by James B. Baker and J Alan Erwine is available for pre-order, and will be released on July 1st. The print version will be available at the same time.

Joseph was born the son of a goatherd chieftain, destined to do nothing more than lead a small band of goatherds, Joseph quickly becomes disillusioned with his tribe and his life, and when his young wife and child die, Joseph leaves his people behind, having no idea what Yahovah has planned for him.

Joseph meets his new wife, Yasmen, and with the help of an ancient man who only calls himself the Elder Rishni, Joseph becomes the leader of a new group of people, a group that grows in numbers and strength, and eventually grows powerful enough to possibly challenge the mighty Indo-Aryan armies and their mighty leader, the Kzer…possibly…

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