Friday, January 12, 2024

#19 on the bestseller's list

My newest title, Do You Really Want To Be a Writer? is at #19 on the DriveThruFiction bestseller's list at the moment. Obviously this number can change, but I hope all of the writers and writer wannabes will help push that number higher. Check it out at

If you're not familiar with this title, here's the description for you:

Do you really want to be a writer? It’s a serious question that anyone thinking about entering the field of writing should ask.
In this collection of essays, prize-winning science fiction author and editor J Alan Erwine uses his usual wit and sarcasm to educate and entertain potential writers as they start their journeys.
You won’t find essays about plot or character development here, but instead, you’ll find 17 essays that talk about the business of writing. Erwine uses his more than a quarter of a century of experience to talk about the submission process, and more importantly, what to do with your writing and career after you’ve started selling.
Do You Really Want To Be a Writer? is a great source of information for the new writer as well as the experienced writer.

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