Monday, October 05, 2015

My preliminary MileHiCon schedule

Here is my preliminary schedule for MileHiCon.  It's still subject to change, and I'm also hoping to add a signing.  I'll post a complete schedule when we get closer to Con time...

Saturday at Noon: Game Publishing/Book Publishing: Similarities & Differences
Saturday at 2: You Always Remember Your First - get your minds out of the's not what you think...

Sunday at 2: Trends in Publishing

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Royalties, royalties, and more royalties

September was one of those months when quite a few royalty payments showed up in the last couple of weeks, and although none of them were especially large, they did add up to what seemed like a decent chunk of change.  The royalties did, for a while, make me feel like this whole writer/editor/game designer/publisher thing was actually working out.  Then I stopped and thought about it and realized that all of those royalties together were less than what I make in one paycheck from my awful "real" job, and then I was sad.
Truth is, my income from all of these endeavors is increasing every year, although it's a gradual increase.  Let's just say that if you were graphing them, I'm nowhere close to my income being asymptotic, but it's an increase nevertheless.  At this rate, I should be able to support myself some time around my 200th birthday, and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to support my family before my 400th...

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

So much for that more blogging thing

I'd hoped to do more blogging this month, but that idea has gone completely out the window...
There's so much more to do in life now that we have a high schooler in our home.  In addition to that, Rebecca is still working an insane amount of hours.  She may be facing 19 straight days without a day off, and now my hours are starting to go up at my "real" job as we head into the Halloween season.  Add to this the fact that I'm always so tired because of the medication for my chronic pain, and it's been hard to get anything done, and unfortunately, blogging is pretty far down my list of priorities.
I am excited that in two days Nomadic Delirium Press will be releasing Quantum Women by Tyree Campbell, and later in the month we will be releasing Crisis Averted by Laura Givens.  Still, I have a long to-do list, and it seems like every time I cross one thing off, there are suddenly six more things on the list.  One of these days I might catch up...

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Busy, busy, busy

I had planned on doing more blogging this month, but so far, that has been a complete failure.  Life has just been too crazy busy of late to get stuff done.  Eryn is doing marching band this year, and her first football game was last week, so we of course went to that.  Then on Saturday she had her first competition, which meant being at her school at 7 in the morning.  By the time we got home, it was almost 11 at night.  Her band finished last in the competition, but they were also the smallest of all of the bands performing.  Her school just doesn't have the funding to put together a really strong band, and I think this is a perfect example of yet another failure in American culture.  We pour tons of money into the schools for football, basketball, and other sports, but ever time something has to be cut, the first thing that is attacked are the arts.  This is a huge failure.  While sports are important, the arts are even more important, but American culture no longer recognizes this.
In addition to all of Eryn's band stuff, Juliah started back to school, which of course means tons of shopping, tons of preparation, and in addition to all of this, Rebecca is still putting in a lot of hours, most weeks working six days, and while I'm not working a lot, I am working opposite of her schedule, which is stressful, since we're the type of couple that actually likes and wants to spend time with each other, so that puts a strain on both of us.
I have managed to get one of the books formatted that I needed to do, and I've started work on the second book that I need to get done, but I still haven't managed to make it to the post office to send off copies of The Martian Wave: 2015, but I am trying.  Hopefully this week or next I will be able to get there.
The meds that my doctor put me on are helping with the pain, but unfortunately, they're still making me dizzy, and this reached a bad point yesterday when I was going to switch out some laundry.  As I got to the door, I felt very dizzy, so I grabbed onto the door frame.  The next thing I knew, I was on my back with my head bouncing against the floor like I was having a seizure, and my foot in the litter box.  Apparently I blacked out.  The worst part was that the only person that was here at the time was Alexis, so if I'd really been hurt, I might have been in trouble.  I'm not sure if this means that I should try to switch meds, because I really don't want to.  These meds are working, and even though I still have pain, it's nothing like I used to have.  I actually feel like a functional human being again.
I guess I've wasted enough time on this post.  Now I need to get back to work...

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Not much blogging last month

Last month was a very light month of blogging for me.  Mostly because there were a couple of weeks there where I wasn't able to focus much.  I had a nasty respiratory infection for a while that included a high fever, even forcing me to miss work (which I try my best not to do).  Shortly after that, I went to the doctor about my chronic pain.  We were able to get a referral to a surgeon, so hopefully at some point I'll be able to get in and see him, and maybe we'll get some answers.  In the mean time, my doctor put me on a new med for the pain, which actually seems to be having an effect.  However, and there's always a however, the medication has some difficult side effects.  For one, I'm dizzy quite often.  So much so that I actually did black out at one point, and at other times, I get these crazy tremors as I'm trying to regain my balance.  In addition, I'm also much more tired than usual.  All of this made for many unproductive weeks.
Now, I have to play catch up.  I still need to get the copies of The Martian Wave sent out.  I have two short story collections I need to edit for Nomadic Delirium Press.  I have e-books to format, and who knows what else.  It's going to be a busy September as I try to make up for everything I didn't get done in August.

Monday, August 31, 2015

The Fifth Di... September 2015

Borrowed from the Nomadic Delirium Press website...

A new issue of The Fifth Di... is now available, and it's still just $1!!!!
The Fifth Di..., one of the longest running on-line zines continues on with four new stories. This month we feature fantasy and science fiction stories from Fredrick Obermeyer, Tim McDaniel, Kate Runnels, and Thomas Canfield.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica: Sectors Forty-Two & Forty-Three

The exploration of "Deep Space" begins.
These sectors are home to many Julahmo colonies, and of course, wherever the Julahmo go, the Ernya and the Khruntha are sure to follow.  There's a lot of unexplored areas, and only partially explored areas, plus there are a lot of mysteries waiting for brave...or foolish explorers...
Start your exploration of "Deep Space" by ordering at

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Martian Wave: 2015 is here!

Borrowed from the Nomadic Delirium Press blog:
Today is the official release of The Martian Wave: 2015!!!
The Martian Wave: 2015 brings you stories and poems that look at humanity’s exploration and colonization of space, with a special emphasis on our solar system. Within these pages you’ll find stranded astronauts, potentially dangerous aliens, people struggling with dangerous indigenous life, and dangerous thoughts from their own minds, plus much much more.
You can order from us at:
You can order the e-book at:
You can order from Amazon at:
You can order from Barnes & Noble at:

Saturday, August 08, 2015

One week until release

There’s just one week left to pre-order The Martian Wave: 2015.  Go to, and order your copy today.
The Martian Wave: 2015 brings you stories and poems that look at humanity’s exploration and colonization of space, with a special emphasis on our solar system. Within these pages you’ll find stranded astronauts, potentially dangerous aliens, people struggling with dangerous indigenous life, and dangerous thoughts from their own minds, plus much much more.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Pain update

Regular readers of this blog know that I suffer from chronic pain, and I do get an occasional e-mail asking how I'm doing, so I figured an update was in order. The simple answer is...not well.  The pain has gotten quite a bit worse in the last couple of months with an average day being around a 3 on a ten point scale.  Although that might not sound bad, that's constant pain no matter what I'm doing.  At best, I occasionally have a day where I'm at a 1, but those are becoming more and more rare, and I never have a day where I don't deal with pain.
The last week has been especially bad with the pain level being up around a 5, and last night I overdid it at work while helping to move some boxes around.  After I was done, I actually almost blacked out from the pain, and this morning I'm up around a 6 or 7.  If I stop moving and breathing, it helps ease the pain, but I don't see those as viable options at this point in time as a long term cure.
Now that I have insurance again, we're trying to get me in to our doctor, but so far, he hasn't had appointments that fit our schedule.  We're both working, and we have back to school for the kids, so there aren't many options for us at this time.  Rebecca absolutely has to go to the appointments with me since this is going to certainly have an impact on her, since I'm now pretty much convinced that I will eventually have to go under the knife, especially as long as I continue to work in retail, where lifting is almost a must.
I've looked into the rules for qualifying for disability, and it's like jumping through flaming hoops, and since I have a college education and could be retrained, it would be much harder to qualify...although I have to be able to work opposite of Rebecca's day job so that one of us is always here for the kids.  It kind of sucks that if I'd dropped out of high school and had no skills, I might be able to get help...
For now, I soldier on, and try to do my best to not make the pain even worse...and that's not easy, considering I've popped ribs by sneezing...

Friday, July 24, 2015

Christmas in July

Borrowed from the Nomadic Delirium Press blog:
For the rest of July DriveThruFiction and DriveThruRPG are running a Christmas in July sale.  During this time, you can pick up our titles for 25% off.  This is a chance to pick up some of our fiction, or any of the Ephemeris titles that you might need to complete your collection.  Simply go to or  The sale prices are already programmed in.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mental health treatment in America

A few days ago, the Aurora theater shooter trial came to an end with the accused being found guilty on all counts.  No doubt this creature was crazy...after all, no one in their right mind would think about doing what he did, but clearly the jury decided that he was not insane, which is a legal term and not a psychiatric term.  Basically, even though he was nuts, he was well aware that what he was doing was wrong, and that's the reason why he will either get life without parole or death.
The biggest problem I have with this whole scenario is that even though this creature was seeking treatment, he obviously never got all of the help that he really needed.  And for that, the fault lies with insurance companies and the way that Americans view mental illness.
That might sound crazy, but stay with me for a minute.  Many insurance companies do not cover mental health issues the same way they do physical health issues.  For many, they pay a smaller percentage, leaving he patient to pay high bills, and mental health treatment can be expensive.  In addition, many insurance companies severely limit the number of caretakers in their network, also making it harder for people to seek treatment.  Major hospitals might be in the network of an insurance company for physical health issues, but not mental health issues.  This doesn't make sense to me.  Mental illness is just as real as physical illness.  In the majority of cases, there is a biological reason for the mental illness, but somehow it's different in the eyes of the insurance companies.
This difference probably comes from the way that Americans view mental illness.  A large number of Americans think that the mentally ill are weak.  Basically saying that a person who suffers from depression is weak and just needs to grow a backbone, or some other stupid comment that you might expect to hear from people.  This is like saying that a person who gets cancer is somehow physically weak.  We don't shun and shame people with cancer, why should we do it with people suffering from mental illness?
I've known a lot of wonderful and a lot of strong people that have suffered from depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses, and it wasn't their fault, and yet America somehow blames them.  This is wrong in so many ways, and this, in addition to the insurance BS, is a big reason why people who are suffering never seek treatment, and this can lead to the creation of monsters like the Aurora Theater shooter.
Wake up, America! Mental illness is no different than physical illness, and it's about time that we start treating them the same.

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Martian Wave: 2015 table of contents

For those of you that have been wondering what the new issue of The Martian Wave will have in store for you, here you go:

From an Unnamed Rock by Jerry L. Robinette
On the Bridge by Matthew Spence
Mars Ride Along by EJ Shumak
I’ll Take the Moon by Andrew L. MacDonald
Red Sleepers by T. Fox Dunham
I’m a Little Teapot… by Robert P. Hansen
Greenie by David Castlewitz
Uhlanga Regio by Glen R. Stripling
Binaurals by Josh Brown
Fathers of Mars by David Wright
Earth Camp by Alicia Cole
The Tulku of Titan by Mike Morgan

Rip van Winkle on Mars by David C Kopaska-Merkel
The Star Chaser by Christina Sng
Observations From The Black Ball Line Between Deimos And Callisto by Alexandra Erin
Within a Flotsam Web by WC Roberts
Like A Drunken Cosmonaut by Alan Ira Gordon
A Star-Struck Night by Robert P. Hansen
Some Things Come Unbidden by Lisa Timpf

Pre-order your copy today at

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Martian Wave: 2015 pre-release

Borrowed from the Nomadic Delirium Press Blog:
The official release date for The Martian Wave: 2015 is August 15th, but you can now pre-order your own copy.  For the moment, the only place to order a print copy is directly through us at  Amazon and other retailers will have the book in the weeks to come.  The book will list for $10, but if you order from us before the release date, your price will be $9.
If you'd like to order an e-book version, you can order through Smashwords at, or you can order the Kindle version at

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Featured e-book for July 18th

Borrowed from the Nomadic Delirium Press blog:
The featured e-book for today is Seedlings on the Solar Winds and other stories by J Alan Erwine.  You can get this e-book for 50% off for the rest of the month by going to
America as a fascist state, soldiers driven to terrorism, insane computers, insane humans, insane aliens, these are just some of the things waiting for readers in the pages of this new short story collection from prize winning science fiction author J Alan Erwine.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Featured e-book for July 14th

Borrowed from the Nomadic Delirium Press blog...
Today’s featured e-book is A Robot, a Cyborg, and a Martian Walk into a Space Bar. You can get it for 50% off for the rest of the month by going to:
A Robot, a Cyborg, and a Martian Walk into a Space Bar is a serious literary work of science fiction and fantasy stories that looks to delve into…who are we trying to kid? This book is a collection of comedic science fiction and fantasy stories written by some truly talented authors.
The book includes stories from Francis W. Alexander, Lou J. Berger, Wayne Carey, James Dorr, Laura Givens, Alan Ira Gordon, John Grey, Carlos Hernandez, Gilda A. Herrera, Ahmed A. Khan, Sheryl Normandeau, Robert Lowell Russell, John Skylar, Glen R. Stripling, and Scott Virtes.
You’ll be taken to alien bars, alien planets, and any funny place these authors could come up with. You’ll meet meddling appliances, aliens with strange habits, and aliens trying to live on or visit Earth. There are even time flies and a cloned genius. This collection has everything you need to tickle your funny bone.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Featured e-book for July 10th

Borrowed from the Nomadic Delirium Press blog:
The Ephemeris Omnibus is the featured e-book for July 10th.  You can get it for 25% off at Smashwords by going to
The Ephemeris Omnibus 2013 features the Ephemeris core rulebook (with some rule changes, including mutli-classing), and all of the rule supplements that have been released as of the end of 2012. All of the species and class supplements have been blended into the core rulebook to create a massive (over 200,000 words) rulebook that will allow you to play the most extensive Ephemeris game you'd ever want to play.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Smashwords e-book sale

Smashwords is having an e-book sale for the entire month of July, and many of my titles are available for up to 50% off.  There are a couple of my short story collections, one of my novels, several titles that I've edited, and all of the Ephemeris titles.
Check it out today at:

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica: Unexplored Space

All of "Unexplored Space" can now be yours to explore, and it's all in one volume. This book outlines everything of interest in Sectors 22-41 of the Ephemeris universe. Find new species, new mysteries, the ruins of ancient civilizations, and unexplored worlds just waiting for exploration.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

A couple of five star reviews

My short short, "Lost in the Dark" has received a couple of five star reviews over at Smashwords.  If you want to check the story out, please feel free to do is a free download, after all...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My short stories on Smashwords

A while back, I started publishing some of my previously published short stories on Smashwords.  Life, editing, and other factors kept me from working on that for a while, but I'm now back to listing my stories there.  Most of the stories are available for just 99 cents, but two of them are free.  If you'd like to check out some of my previously published works, please feel free to visit
And if you like any of the stories, PLEASE write a review.  We smaller authors are dependent upon reviews from readers.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica: Sectors Thirty-Nine - Forty-One

The exploration of “Unexplored Space” concludes with Sectors 39-41.
The final sectors of "Unexplored Space" are now yours to explore.  There are many new planets to colonize, new mysteries to solve, and one mystery that may be too dangerous to even try to solve...

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What should science fiction publishers publish?

There's been a lot of talk since the Hugo nominations came out about what science fiction publishers should be publishing.  I figured I'd weigh in with my two cents (for what they're worth).  The answer for me, as an editor, comes down to a good story.  When I'm reading submissions, I don't care whether or not the person has some agenda in their story, and I don't care if the story is nothing more than a rousing space opera like the "stories of old."  I simply want to read a good story that is well written.  And by well written, I don't mean that it lives up to some standards set forth in a college English class.
What is a good story?  Something that holds my interest.  Like every other editor, I have my own personal beliefs (religious, political, etc.), but a good story doesn't have to fit with my beliefs.  I'm an Atheist, but I've published a lot of good stories that have definite religious overtones.  Why did I publish them if they didn't fit my beliefs?  Because they were good stories.  I'm a progressive, bordering on liberal, but I've published stories that had definite conservative overtones.  Why?  Again, because they were good stories.
I know for a fact that I have published at least one author who was on one of the puppy slates, and I don't care.  He's a good writer, and if he sends me a good story, I will still publish him.  I really don't care about all of the political infighting that's going on in the field.  My goal is to publish the best SF and fantasy that I can get for the small payments we can afford.  If it doesn't match my beliefs, fine.  If it doesn't match the beliefs of the majority or the minority in the field, fine.  I just want to publish good stories.
So, what should science fiction publishers publish?  Whatever they feel like they should publish.  We're not here to make everyone happy.  If it pisses some people off, that's life...and maybe that's a good thing.  Literature should provoke an emotional reaction of some kind...

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

One day sale on The Martian Wave: 2014

Today only you can get a pdf version of The Martian Wave: 2014 for just $1.20.  It usually lists for $3.99.  Simply go to, and get your copy today.
The Martian Wave features stories about the exploration and colonization of space, with special emphasis on our solar system.  In this issue, you'll find alien microbes and aliens that are like nothing you've ever imagined.  You'll be taken to icy worlds, and the sands of Mars.  You'll even get a look at Earth trying to regain its place in the stars.

The volcanoes of Io and the deep dark of space are also waiting for readers.  Many stories paint a possibly grim future for humanity, but others are truly optimistic.  No matter the tone, all of the stories and poems in this issue capture the adventurous spirit that make Humanity what it is.

Step inside, and be transported to places you've never imagined...maybe even places you never could imagine.

Friday, June 05, 2015

Amazon BS

In the last couple of days I've noticed that my last two collections, A Robot, a Cyborg, and a Martian Walk into a Space Bar and Taurin Tales have both had some Kindle sales, so I decided to go over to Amazon and look at the webpages.  You know, see where their sales rankings were and see if anyone had reviewed them.  Much to my surprise, I found out that the print versions of both titles were listed as out of stock.  The only reason I can think of for this is that the publisher, Nomadic Delirium Press, did not give Amazon the usual 55% discount that they ask for.  The reason they did this is because the profit margin is already very small, and in order to give that kind of discount, either the publisher has to take almost no money (as these are royalty paying books, this also means that the authors make less money), or they have to price the books much higher, which puts them out of the price range for a lot of readers.  This is the dilemma that many small press publishers face.
Amazon does, of course, offer an alternative, which is Create Space.  However, Create Space does not have the distribution that most small press publishers would like.  It's very difficult to get a Create Space created book on Barnes & Noble, and traditionally, my books (those that I've edited, and those that I've written) have done better at B&N than they have at Amazon.
This kind of game is just another example of Amazon trying to dominate the market.  Unfortunately, dealing with Amazon is a necessary evil for authors, editors, and publishers, but it always leaves a bad taste in my mouth...