Saturday, December 02, 2023

More about the new novel

Yesterday, I posted that I'd finished the rough draft of a "new" novel, Echoes From the Deep. I figured I'd fill you in on a few of the details. The basic premise of the novel is that a combination human and dolphin group colonizes a planet that once was inhabited by an alien species. The usual turmoil begins because, you know, humans just have trouble getting along, but then strange things start to happen on the planet.

An interesting thing I found while working on this was that three of the characters have the same names of family members, who weren't family members 25 years ago when I started the book. There's a character named Rebecca, and of course that's my wife's name. The governor's AI is named Alexis, which is my youngest daughter's name, and another character is named Francis, which is the name of my son-in-law. I didn't know any of these people when I started writing the book, and I'd thought about changing the names, but I figured I had a reason for selecting those names when I started it, so I stuck with them.

Another thing about the book is that since the governor's AI is named Alexis, whenever he needs to talk to her, he calls into the air, "Alexis." This was long before Amazon came up with the Alexa...just an interesting coincidence.

I'm looking forward to finishing the book and unleashing it on all of my readers!

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