Monday, May 13, 2024


Are you looking for a great book? Are you looking for a plausible end of the world story? Are you looking for some great eco-fiction? Are you looking for a really good anti-fascist novel?

Well, if you're looking for a title that is all of these, I would strongly recommend Insignificant by Mike Morgan. Download it today at

The year is 2127 and the Earth is dying, and nobody seems to notice or care. The United States, run by its single party system known as the Patriot Party refuses to allow any information about the environment out to its citizens, and the rest of the world follows along.
Those headaches everyone is getting, no, that’s not CO2 poisoning…take another pill you’ll feel better…
One man who is paying attention is Thiago Castillo. He had spent years trying to clean the oceans, but even that mission has failed. Now he’s turned his massive yacht into an air-tight ship that a few hundred people hope to live out the end of the world on, but the CIA has different plans, and they’ve sent one of their best case officers to find out what Castillo is up to, but what happens when that officer is exposed to the truth…the REAL truth, and not the Patriot truth?

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