Monday, July 28, 2014

Starting the new job today

Tonight I start my new part time "real" job.  It's definitely going to help having a second income, as we are most definitely struggling financially...still trying to pay the over $1000 we owe for Lex's surgery is just a start.
Although the money will be nice, working again will have its challenges.  Rebecca and I already have very little time together, and this is going to cut into that to a great degree, as we have to work opposite schedules.  I'm certainly going to miss the extra time I've had with her and the kids.
It will also be difficult for me to keep up the writing, editing, and game design schedule I've had going, as pretty much every free second I've had has been devoted to that.
Like I always say, sleep is over rated, I'll just have to sleep less to keep up my productivity...

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D. Moonfire said...

It can be very frustrating having two jobs on different schedules. We did that for a year with EDM and it was hell. But, it was also a temporary solution and things got better. It always gets better.

I'm having the "lack of time" problem myself with the advent of BAM. Not enough time, but a lack of sleep is only a short-term goal. It all goes downhill if you keep doing it.