Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Nomadic Delirium sales

There are a couple of sales going on at Nomadic Delirium Press this month.  Here are the details for both of them:
All of our e-books are on sale at Smashwords for 25% off for the entire month of July.  Go to and order today.
This includes our latest release, The Martian Wave: 2014, plus all of our novels, zines, anthologies, and RPG products.
Order now…order often…

The end of July marks the five year anniversary of the release of the Ephemeris Science Fiction Role Playing Game.  To celebrate, we’re putting all of the Ephemeris products on sale for 30% off through our website.
Now’s the time to stock up on all of those supplements you’ve wanted, and if you haven’t started playing the game…there’s no better time:

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