Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A preview of EEG: Secotr 8

This is taken from the first draft of The Ephemeris Encyclopedia Glactica: Sector 8 (Althani Space):

Gliese 832: 16.1 ly M1.5v
The star in this system may be small, but the trouble in this system is anything but.  More than a century ago, the Althani colonized a moon around the largest gas giant in the system.  The colony, called Menk, is currently home to more than three billion Althani, and they’ve transformed the atmosphere to a point that they can breathe the air without suits and breathers.  The majority of the inhabitants are military or corps employees.
The colony on Menk is not the problem.  There is a smallish terrestrial planet about .5 AU from Gliese 832, and this planet and its moon have been colonized by humans.  The colonization took place 30 years ago, and there are already one billion humans inhabiting the planet (New New York) and the moon (New Buffalo).  Humans can breathe on the planet, but they need suits to walk on the surface of the moon, which is why the colony is built completely underground.  Many of the humans work for the human corps, but a number of them work for the military, and it’s believed that many of those are working for covert branches of the military.
The humans have argued that Gliese 832 should actually be considered a part of their sector, but the Althani have been here for quite a bit longer.  The Althani don’t take well to others infringing on their space, and there have been several battles fought in this system.  So far, both species’ governments have refused to get involved, instead allowing the military forces assigned to these colonies to battle it out.  So far, things have stayed at a level of a few ships fighting at a time, but there is always a chance, and it’s a good chance, that things will boil over and all-out war will break out in the system.

Gliese 902: 37.1 ly K3V
Although this system has a planet that could be colonized by humans and a planet that could be colonized by the Culthan, the Althani have refused to allow outsiders into the system.  Their main reason for this is that there’s a large moon orbiting the largest gas giant in the system.  And on this moon is an Althani prison colony called Ten-pa.  The colony has four large opaque domes, one in each hemisphere (northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest), under which they house some of the most violent criminals, and while most of them are Althani, there are prisoners from the other species here as well.  The atmosphere outside of the domes is highly toxic to any sentient species, with much of the atmosphere made up of methane and cyanogen.  The surface also has winds that typically blow at over 100 kph, and often gust to 300 kph.  Each of the domes is so far apart that there is no way anyone could walk to one of the other domes, even with a suit.
No one in their right mind would even try to survive on the surface, and to date, no one has ever escaped from Ten-pa.  A few have gotten out of the domes, but no further.  Ten-pa also has a highly advanced satellite system that will shoot down any ship that doesn’t have clearance to be close, and if a ship does go down, there will be no effort made to try to rescue the crew.  Instead, they’ll be left to the atmosphere of the planet, and if they happen to be close enough to a dome that they might be able to get to it, they’ll be shot before they can get inside.  There are no visiting hours at Ten-pa.


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