Friday, January 03, 2014

A glimpse of the Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica

I've been working on the first volume of the Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica for a bit now, and I'm happy to say that in the next few days, players and game masters will be able to get their hands on it.
What can they expect from it?
Here's a glimpse of a couple of the entries.  Keep in mind, these were taken from the first draft of the supplement, and they have changed slightly, but hopefully they'll be enough of a tease...

Gliese 317: 29 ly, M3.5
The Gliese 317 system is a system of potential conflict. Although there have been small skirmishes, nothing too serious has happened yet. For more than a century, the Melanathee have had a colony on a moon orbiting a gas giant that sits just under one A.U. from the red dwarf. Three decades ago, Humans moved into the system, colonizing two other moons of the same gas giant. Even though Humans and Melanathee do not breathe the same types of atmosphere, there have been debates over who should control the space around the gas giant. The Melanathee argue that they have been here longer, but the humans argue that they actually occupy two moons in the system. The other species have chosen to stay out of this one for now.
TolENtaMe is a small gaseous moon inhabited by the Melanathee. There are currently more than one million of them living on the moon. The settlement started out as a scientific colony, but has since expanded into a full colony, and because of the presence of humans in the system, there is a fairly large military base on the moon. The atmosphere is breathable for the Melanathee, although some of the less healthy will have trouble with it.
Ardith is the largest moon, and is currently occupied by a quarter of a million humans. The Earth military originally set up the colony, and even though they keep a large presence on the moon in order to protect the inhabitants, most of the planet is run by ExploraCorp, an Earth-based corporation with the mission of exploring and colonizing as much of near space as possible, and of course making a lot of money in the process. Although the actual air of the moon is dangerous for humans to breathe, the atmosphere is at a pressure and temperature that humans can walk on the surface with only breathers.
Rowena is a small moon with roughly 1,000 humans living on it. The moon has been set up as a research base to explore the weak star at the center of the system. The surface has no atmosphere, and the entire colony has been built underground.

69 G Carinae: 53 ly G2V
From the outside, this star system looks perfect for colonization, but there is something very wrong in the 69 G Carinae system. The Melanathee, the Arbonix, and the Humans have all tried to establish colonies in this system. All of those colonies have been destroyed, and no one has been able to figure out why. There are rumors of angry cyber wizards, some unknown civilization, quantum instabilities, hyperspace intrusions, and thousands of other less likely reasons. Not only have the colonies been destroyed, but most ships passing through this system are destroyed. Some of the ones that have made it through the system have reported strange lights, problems with their engines, and all kinds of system malfunctions.
At the moment, there are no sentients living in the system…at least that we know of.

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