Monday, September 02, 2013

Glad that week's over

August started out well, but it faltered quite a bit at the end.  Last Monday, Rebecca got a call from her district manager telling her that they were transferring her to a new store effective Sep. 1st.  She had to leave all of the good friends she'd made at her old store, and wasn't thrilled about it...but she's a trooper, and she's going to make the best of it, and be the best damn supervisor her new store has ever seen.
About an hour later, she found out that her parent's dog, Missy, had to be put down.  Missy was such a great dog.  The first time she met me, she climbed onto my lap and tried to stay there all day.  She was a 70-80 lb black lab, so lapdog is quite the misnomer.  She was always very protective of our girls, and was one of the best dogs I've ever known.  She is definitely missed.
We have reason to believe that there is more crap headed our way, but hopefully it won't happen.  I can't really talk about it...

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