Sunday, July 14, 2013

Breaking ground on a new novel

After a lot of plotting and planning, I've finally started actually writing my new novel today.  I even managed to get 1000 words written.  Yes, this was during the little one's nap.  That might be my only writing time for a while.
I've mentioned in a few places that people will be surprised by this one, and yes, I think they will be.  I'm actually writing a...wait for it...a YA science fiction novel.  Given how dark, and sometimes twisted my work usually is, this is a very big departure for me.
Considering that I'm now working full time, and taking care of the little one a lot, this novel will probably take a while to write, but hopefully it will be a fun adventure.


D. Moonfire said...

Sounds like you'll be extra busy in the new month or three. Best of luck, I know what it's like writing during nap times.

J Alan Erwine said...

I would imagine that it will take me a good year to write this, as nap times are becoming more and more scarce, and I'm working more and more at the "real" job...