Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A question for writers

I know there are quite a few writers that read this blog, so I wanted to ask you what your opinion on e-book publishers are. I'm not asking for recommendations, but rather I want to know what people think about having their books released solely as e-books.

I know that I like the idea of having an actual print book, but then I'm a little old fashioned. I still do all of my revisions on paper. As a writer, how many of you would be willing to sell your work to a publisher that only does e-books?


kaolin fire said...

If the publisher paid decent royalties...I suppose I'd be willing. But I really can't imagine a reasonable publisher not wanting print rights as well to leverage whatever _book_ marketing they do.

But if it was decent royalties, a decent advance...hell yeah. And then I'd "self-publish" it print. :heh:

Stace Johnson said...

I'm in favor of publishing e-books. I saw in my RSS feeds last week that Amazon is reporting more books sold in Kindle form than in hardback, so I think authors ignore e-books at their own peril.

There will always be people who prefer holding a real book in their hands, and that's great. But the last few books I've read were in electronic form.

kaolin fire said...

Sure, likewise if a publisher only wanted print rights I'd be all about self-publishing it digitally. It seems foolish to do one without the other.

The last half dozen books I've read were all free through feedbooks. The only time that's a drag is on my commute (flying) where "all electronic devices" must be turned off for a third of the flight.

Dragonlots said...

One of the reasons I went with WSP was because not only does the publisher do print, but also ebooks. Much of my readership is spread across the US and the rest of the world. I wanted as many to have access as possible. Not to mention I met one potential new reader at Ren Fair who travels quite a bit and can't carry a large number of books. However, she had quite an electronic collection.

So, do I think ebooks are a great idea! Absolutely!!! I even own a few myself.