Sunday, July 04, 2010

Our plans for the day

I spent the morning watching the Tour de France, and now I'm trying to get some work done, but the kids are pretty wound up because they get to see fireworks tonight, so it's a bit difficult at this point.

Rebecca is going to get off early tonight. She hasn't seen fireworks with the kids because she always seems to be working on the night of the 4th, and the last two years the kids were in Texas visiting Grandma, so I haven't gotten to watch them with the kids either. When she gets home from work I'm going to fix the traditional American dish of hamburgers and french fries. After dinner, we'll pop up some popcorn and then head out to our balcony. We have a great view of the Aurora fireworks, so we don't have to leave the house and deal with the crowds.

So, Happy Independence Day everyone. Please be safe!

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