Monday, June 14, 2010

A menagerie of links

Rather than post several blog entries, I'm just condensing everything into this one.

For readers of Aoife's Kiss, The Genre Mall is having a sale on the first 24 issues of this great magazine from Sam's Dot Publishing. You can order them for just $3 + shipping & handling. Several of the issues feature stories from me.

Speaking of sales, Nomadic Delirium Press is having a sale on Ephemeris products, with discounts on all of the titles. The sale only lasts through the end of June, so if you play the game, or if you'd like to play the game, now's your chance to pick up everything you need.

Two of my books are now available as e-books, and they can be read on most readers, or on your computer...

Seedlings on the Solar Winds:

The Opium of the People:

Also available is James Baker's novel, The Poet. Jim's the editor who first published my work, and he's also the one who got me into editing. His novel can be found at:

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