Monday, June 21, 2010

Catching up on life

Today is our one month anniversary, so I celebrated it by starting the job hunt once again. I'm not very optimistic about finding anything given that very few places are hiring, but we do need the extra income, especially with the baby on the way, so I shall look.

Speaking of the baby, one of Rebecca's friends is going to be putting together a baby shower, so we put together our baby registry through Target last night. It was very hard to do because Target seems to charge a lot for things that shouldn't cost so much. Therefore we'll be telling people that we need clothes and receiving blankets from anywhere, because Target just charges way too much! Of course, we'll also tell people that they can get us stuff from this site because they actually have some really cool baby stuff. I especially like the Star Trek onesies.

We're still trying to get the youngest (soon to be middle) child ready for Kindergarten, but she's bound and determined to not learn how to write her letters. She just doesn't seem to care...

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