Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I've heard a lot of people griping lately about the American presidential candidates for the next election, and I can't really say that I blame them. I believe there are 17 democrats and republicans running, and it really does seem to be a case of voting for the least scary candidate. This has lead a lot of people to decide that they aren't going to vote, unless someone new joins in. I'm guessing this would be Zombie Kennedy or Zombie Regan, bu I think this is the wrong strategy.

If you don't like the candidates, then vote third party. Most people say that voting third party is like throwing your vote away, but that's only because the democrats and republicans have done so much to limit us to a two-party system that most people don't realize that there are options. Will a third party candidate be elected president? No, not this year, but if we continue to build strong third and fourth parties, we can break the stranglehold that the two big parties have on us.

America is in the position it's in because of the two party system. If you really look at the candidates running on both sides, there aren't that many differences. All of them support the continuing corporatization of America, and in some way they support American Imperialism...maybe not in a military way, but certainly in a corporate way. A third party will lessen the grip the two main parties have on our throats, and will let us build the country we as the American people want.

So, if you don't like the two main parties, vote third party. You aren't throwing your vote away...you're letting the politicians know that the American people want their government back...and after all, it is our government.


Anonymous said...

I think the time is too late to try to convunce people to vote for someone not in the two primary parties. they are to strong no one cares who is in the other parties they hear nothing about them.I believe that america wants whats coming in the future weither they admit it or not they like bing told what to do and think.

C Stieber

Cellophane Queen said...

Primary is the keyword. It makes no difference if you vote a 3rd party for the primary. The time to show your disgust is in the general election. Hopefully, your state will have someone else on the ballot you can stomach.

J Erwine said...

Primaries don't really matter for me. I'm a registered independant (which isn't even possible in some states), so I can't vote in the primaries. Colorado always has a lot of indie candidates. I know in the last election we had Green, Libertarian, Communist, and several others. So there always are options.

Chris-A third party candidate could still tell the cows what to do... The hardest part is that it's tough to get on the ballot for a third party candidate because of laws set up by the two main parties. We've had other parties in the past, and hopefully we can do it again...