Thursday, October 06, 2011

A Red Moon Rising sequel?

My publisher was telling me that he sold a copy of Red Moon Rising to a convention goer recently. Apparently the guy bought the book on Friday, read it over the weekend (how anyone finds time to read at a convention, I'll never know), and returned on Sunday asking if there was a sequel available for the book.

This surprised me. I wrote the book as a stand alone novel. The main story in the novel is the main character trying to come to terms with the death of his brother, and I think I wrapped that up pretty well. At the end of the book, it is clear that the main characters still have goals and things they want to accomplish, but their main goal has been achieved, and I never really thought that the other possibilities would be interesting to readers. Perhaps I was wrong.

At this time, I'm not planning on writing a sequel, but it is nice to know that someone enjoyed the book enough to want to read more.

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Byron said...

Congrats. I personally love dystopias, and have been itching for you to, if not write a sequel to Opium of the People, to at least write another novel/novella that is dystopian.

I did like Red Moon Rising, but never became a big fan of Erik Singer. Charlie Chases Crows did catch my attention much more. Perhaps an indirect sequel could work.

Maybe set another 10-15 years in the future where CCC is old and making his final last contributions to humanity and Native American rights. Have him fights some issues in DC, but travelling back often to the reservation for some other big problems there...halfway through we find that there is a link between what he's uncovering in DC and what's happening on the reservation and the problem is much bigger than imagined. An older CCC could call his friend Erik Singer to help, perhaps Erik is in a much more powerful position now. Might be fun to take some of the magical realism you can do with the Native American side and bring it over to the mundane US Gov't and add some interesting twists to outside forces working with and against the national gov't.