Sunday, September 23, 2007

Another 1000+ words

Cranked out more than a thousand words again tonight. I'd like to think that I can keep doing that each day that I work, and then crank out three or four thousand on my days off, but I know that the job will interfere at some point. Still, it feels damn good to be writing again. It's kind of like a drug, you really miss it when you're not getting it, and then it's such a rush when you start doing it again. Still, I have no delusions, I'm sure there will be some "bad trips" in the future with this book. If writing was easy, everyone would be doing it, right?

For now, I'll just enjoy the rush of a new story.

1 comment:

Marva said...

Hopefully, this means you're adjusting to your new schedule. The fact that you must write is a good sign.

Keep at it, J!