Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Fifth Di... June 2018

From the Nomadic Delirium Press blog:
The June 2018 issue of The Fifth Di... is here!

The June issue of The Fifth Di… brings you six stories that will excite and entice you.

An artist that is nearing the end of his life, and must face the choices he has made; a man who has to make a decision between what is right and wrong, and must face the consequences of that choice; a man undergoes an experiment to have his consciousness transported into a cat in the past, and this too has unexpected consequences; a woman becomes pregnant to help the world government in a way she could never expect; Maksim Gorky visits a concentration camp, and the actions of the inmates, as well as his own actions could have massive ramifications on the future; and a prisoner who has undergone mind alteration returns to Earth, but can he ever escape his past?

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