Wednesday, November 02, 2016

I voted

So does that mean I don't have to see any more political ads or have the damn fliers fall out of my mail box anymore? Probably not.
Some people may say that I wasted my vote, and some say that my vote was a vote for the great pumpkin head, but the truth is, I voted according to my conscience.  How many people that voted for Clinton or Trump can say that?  I've heard so many people talking about how disgusted they felt with themselves after voting for one or the other, but I don't feel that way.  I voted for a party that I can actually believe in.  I no longer believe in the Democrats or the Republicans.  They're both owned by the corporations and they no longer care about We the People.  As I've been saying for over a decade now, until we break the two party system that we're a victim of, we will all continue to be prisoners.  Believe me, Clinton or Trump and their cronies are not going to do anything for you.  They're in this for themselves and the companies that line their pockets!!!
Do I expect my candidate to win? Of course not. This may go against everything we're taught as Americans, but winning isn't everything...nor is voting for the lesser of two evils a good choice.  Look where that's gotten us!  What I would like to see is for both Johnson and Stein to pull 5% in this election.  This gives the Greens and the Libertarians federal funding in the next presidential election, which makes it easier for them to try to counter the insane amount of corporate money that goes to the democrats and republicans.  In addition, it gives them automatic ballot access in all fifty states, which means less time has to be taken trying to get on the ballots, and more time can be devoted to destroying the broken system.
And if people really want to complain about those of us that choose to vote third party, maybe you should be more upset with the 50% of registered voters that don't even vote.  And maybe you should also tell your parties to stop being greedy SOBs and actually start caring about the people again.  If that ever happened, maybe I would vote for one of them, but as things are only getting worse (Clinton/Trump), I don't see that happening...

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