Sunday, May 15, 2016

Back on the meds

Now that we have "real" insurance once again, I went to the doctor earlier this week and he put me back on the meds that actually do something to help with my chronic pain, so hopefully some time in the next week, my pain levels will be back down to a manageable level most of the time.
While dealing with the doctor and the pharmacy, I started thinking about all of the complaints about "Obamacare."  When it went into effect, our insurance rates did go up, but only because we added me to the insurance.  If it had stayed Rebecca and the girls, we would have been paying slightly less.  Now that we're on a new, and slightly better insurance, our rates are even lower.  Not enough to make a huge difference in our financial lives, but when so many people are complaining about their rates skyrocketing, I wanted to make  the point that this isn't necessarily true...people find it easier to complain that say good things.
And as far as the pharmacy costs, on our old insurance, my prescription ran $20-25 a month.  With the new insurance, it's covered 100% by the new that's zero out of pocket cost for us.  Maybe some people aren't happy with "Obamacare," but I can at least say that it is helping us...not to mention that under the old insurance rules, I might not have been able to get any coverage, since this is considered a previously existing condition.

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