Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Working on the Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica

I'm having a blast working on the Ephemeris Encyclopedia Galactica.  When I first conceived of the idea, I wasn't sure if it was going to be as much fun as I hoped it would...but it is.  When I first came up with the idea for the Ephemeris RPG, I wanted to make it as hard SF as I could.  Granted, I had to use hyperspace to make it playable, but for the most part, I wanted things to be based on real science, or at least conceivable science.
When I started working on this project, I wanted to continue that.  So all of the star systems that will be listed in the Encyclopedia are real star systems.  And when possible, I've tried to use real planets that we know are there.  Even when I've introduced something that is out of the ordinary, I've tried basing it in science.
To me, this makes the game that much more fun.  I may be alone in that feeling, but I've always liked science fiction over science fantasy.  When I designed the game, I didn't want it to be Dungeons & Dragons in space...and I hope I've succeeded in that.

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