Saturday, March 30, 2013

Table of Contents for A Kepler's Dozen

Here is the table of contents for the upcoming A Kepler's Dozen collection:

  • Middle Ground by Mike Brotherton
  • Turtle Soup by Laura Givens
  • The Gloom of Tartarus by Gene Mederos
  • A Glint off the Glass by Rick Novy
  • Omega Shadows by Carol Hightshoe
  • Daniel and the Tilmarians by Doug Williams
  • Exposure at 35b by Mike Wilson
  • Hot Pursuit by David Lee Summers
  • Tracking the Glints by Anna Paradox
  • An Eternity in Limbo by J Alan Erwine
  • A Mango and Two Peanuts by Steve B. Howell
  • The Company You Keep by M.H. Bonham
  • Kokyangwuti by Melinda Moore

The collection can be pre-ordered by going to

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