Saturday, November 10, 2012

Four more years

I had originally planned to post about my election views the day after the elections, but I was felled by a horrible virus that has had me fevered and weak and not able to do much, so I haven't been able to post.  Maybe it was the universe's way of saying that no one really cares what my opinion is.  Too bad.
So, after all the posturing and lies we now had a democratic president, a democratic senate, and a republican house.  In other words, we're still in the same screwed-up position we were in before the election.
Don't get me wrong, gun to my head, forcing me to vote for one of the "two" candidates, I would have voted for Obama, but I don't necessarily think he was the best candidate.  The plain and simple truth is that as long as we continue to allow ourselves to be governed by a two party system, we will forever be on our knees before the politicians and big business.  Both of the "two" parties are in bed with big business, which leaves "We the People" at the mercy of big business.
In order to get from under the heels of corporations, we have to add a third, fourth, or even a fifth party to the process.  In my opinion, there are two parties that right now could take on the dems and the repubs if people would get behind them.  Those would be the Greens and the Libertarians.  Neither party is going to get the backing of big business, because they don't agree with big business, so you won't see lots of TV ads.  The networks are owned by corporations, so they're going to tell you that there are only two parties you can vote for, but it's not the case.
Politicians seem to have forgotten that it's OUR government, so let's take it back.  In future elections, whether it's national or local, look at those third party candidates, you might actually find that they really do have YOUR best interests at heart.  Vote for them.  They may not win in the next few years, but we can build momentum, and we can take back the government from people who think they own it.
This is your choice!

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