Monday, October 22, 2012

MileHiCon recap

Another MileHiCon has come and gone, and it was another great one.  The staff at the Con is always fantastic, and they do such a great job.
Friday started out with a panel about Copyright Law.  I know a little about this, but nowhere near as much as the other panelists, so I just chimed in when it seemed appropriate, but I think we gave the audience a lot of good information, and the panel was very well attended.  A couple of hours later, I had my reading.  This year I was by myself, so it was only sparsely attended, but those that were there seemed to enjoy the reading.
Saturday morning I did a panel about the future of gaming.  A lot of the panel talked about console and computer gaming, which I don't have a lot of time for (you know, family, job, editing, writing, game creation, and all of that kind of stuff), but I was able to talk quite a bit about RPGs and such.  It was another well attended panel, and the audience was great, and I hope we entertained them, which I think we did.  We had some serious clowns on that panel.  I then did a signing, which was more of a "here, take my card" kind of thing, but that's how it usually is for small press authors.  Later in the day I did a panel on the small press, which was a lot of fun, and again was very well attended.  We had a lot of fun with that one as well.
We then went to the masquerade, which is always a good time, but I think some of the costumes are getting a little out of control.  There are a lot kids in the audience, and I think some of the costumes are getting a bit too risque for kids, but I guess some people just want attention however they can get it.
Sunday I only had gaming with the participants, but we couldn't come up with enough people to get the game going, so that was a wash.
The kids had a good time, although I'd like to see the older two take more interest in doing things.  They just want to sit on the sidelines and watch other people do.  There's a family that has two boys that are a each a year or two older than our oldest girls, and we always spend a lot of time with them.  Alexis has really taken a shine to their oldest boy, and she always was looking for him, and enjoyed beating him up with a bat'leth.
Overall, a great Con.  Can't wait for next year!!!

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