Friday, March 11, 2011

Meatless Marty's Existential Cafe

This is one of my favorite settings from my new book...

The one redeeming quality of the area was Meatless Marty’s Existential Café, home of the best vegetarian food in all of Florida, especially their almost world famous tofu burger; Erik’s favorite meal. He’d first come to Meatless Marty’s when it had its grand opening, more than two and a half years ago. He’d come with Jeromie, and that memory always made him pause at the door before he could go in. He did it again this time.
The interior of Meatless Marty’s was almost always changing. Marty, who was almost always there, said he was constantly changing the restaurant as a direct challenge to the rest of society, which never changed. The tie-dyes that had decorated nearly every available inch of the restaurant two weeks earlier had been replaced with various paintings and photographs of wild animals doing what wild animals do, with an emphasis on wolves, whales, dolphins, and bears. Erik thought it was one of the best decors Meatless Marty had chosen so far. It was definitely better than the photos of the animals being butchered that had been up for a week four months ago. That décor had almost closed the place down. It would seem that even animal rights vegetarians hated to be reminded of why they’d made the choice they’d made, at least they seemed to hate being reminded while they were trying to eat.

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