Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Red Moon Rising is here!

My new novel, Red Moon Rising is now available from Sam's Dot Publishing. At the moment, you can order copies from The Genre Mall, and they should ship by the middle of the month. In the next couple of days I will hopefully be posting links so that you can order the book from Amazon, or so that you can order the e-book version from Smashwords.

A little about the book...

J Alan Erwine takes you into a future environmental nightmare that is not only all too possible, but is in fact well on the way there. The air and seas are filthy with pollution and oil spills, the U.S. Government is an effete and toothless replica of its former self, and business decides which rules they will allow to be enforced. Corporations lie, people die.
Including Erik Singer's brother Jeromie, killed while seeking evidence against an oil company regarding their spills in the Gulf. After five years, Erik has had enough of wallowing in loss and self-pity. Emboldened by the words and visions of a Native American environmentalist, Erik is ready to act.
And he has colleagues. The reluctant mayor of Tampa. The daughter of the most egregious industrialist. And a tree-hugging terrorist. Can just four people make a difference?

You can read the first chapter for free here.

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