Thursday, January 01, 2009

Lost domain

Apparently my domain name expired, and nobody bothered to tell me it was going I've lost my website.

I'm working on rectifying the situation, but it might take a while...


Jim Shannon said...

Happy New Year J

Sorry to hear this. My website guy tells me in early November that my domain name is about to expire. He renews it for me every year for $12year.

I know Blogger is free but I can do more with a website then a blog.

My website is about 70 Euro or about $120CND.

Hope things work out for you.

Keith said...

It shows up still registered to you. You have to point it back to the website.

The domain service might have not freed it, but is holding it hostage. I've seen cases where they charge a fee to give your own domain back to you.

When this is all over, transfer the registration to and set the the notify flags so you get an email. You can even set it to auto renew. NameBargain was bought by, one of the biggest registrars. It has all the features of the major registrars but is cheaper than most. I have 50 domains registered with them.