Wednesday, January 04, 2006

P&E Poll

Preditors & Editors is having their annual readers' poll once again. Usually Sam's Dot puts together a ballot that we try to convince people to follow, but this year, I've been too busy and basically no ballot this year.

Someone has nominated me for writer and zine editor, so I'd certainly encourage people to vote for me, but you won't find me beating the bushes for voters, as this poll tends to favor romance writers, but hey, if I could get a top ten, that would be cool.

I would encourage people to vote for Sam's Dot and Nomadic Delirium, as I really like both of those publishers....


Keith said...

Last year, you were the non-romance guy to beat. Every time you pulled ahead I had to find somebody else to vote. I was begging people at work to vote and admitting that you are a science fiction writer is not a good career move.
I wound up putting ads on my harmonica pages asking fellow harp players to go vote, and even with 10,000 page views a day, I couldn't scrounge up enough votes to keep up.
It was degrading considering that you were getting legit votes and I was scraping up drunk harp players to vote.
I was trying to get into the top 10 and it just was not easy.
There has to be a ton of money in writing that romance/porn stuff. I wish I could do it, but when I tried, my wife broke out in hysterical laughter after she read my story.
You and that darn Justin Stanchfield dude. I think I finally pulled ahead in the magazine, but Justin beat me for short story in the end.

J Alan Erwine said...

Last year was the worst year we've had in the poll for a while. We weren't able to do as much promotion as we usually did.

In previous years, we won a lot of the categories...but there just seems to be less and less time each year....

At least you can say that Sam's Dot has published your stuff, and therefore you helped contribute to the success....