Friday, May 06, 2016


I'm absolutely dumbfounded by the things I see people complaining about these days.  I'll be the first to say that people should be allowed to believe whatever they long as they're not hurting each other with their beliefs...and that's where we've started to run into a problem in this country.
People are horrified about Trans people going into bathrooms.  Guess what?  They've always been in our bathrooms.  What's even worse is that people are arguing against this because they're trying to protect our children...but children are being beaten and molested in all parts of the country, but there doesn't seem to be an interest in doing anything more about this.  Really America?  This is what your priorities have become?  I'm a father of three girls, and I'm not the least bit worried about a trans person being in the bathroom with them.  I'm much more worried about someone walking into one of their schools with a gun.  That actually happens!
People are upset with Obamacare.  Some argue it should be abolished.  Some argue it should do more.  The real problem isn't Obamacare.  The real problem is the health insurance companies.  No matter which side of the argument you're on, the real enemy is the health insurance companies.  They kind of remind me of Darth Sidious in Episodes one and two...they play each side against the other, and then continue to raise rates.  Your health insurance company can now overrule the treatment your doctor wants you to have because of costs...or whatever excuse they choose to come up with.  Think about that for a minute, your health insurance has more say in how your medical issues will be treated than your doctor...and you want to argue whether insurance should be privatized or publicly funded?  There's a bigger problem than that.  And don't even get me started on how insurance companies can choose to pay less for mental health treatment than physical health treatment when there's really no difference.
There's a long and sad history of racism in this country, but for a very short while it seemed like maybe as a country we were getting away from that, but now everything seems to be about race.  Do people really think they're unsafe just because there's a Muslim on the bus with them?  Here's news for you America, there are jerks in every race...just like there are wonderful people in every race.  The whole stereotyping thing has to end.  Just because someone is Muslim doesn't mean they're a terrorist.  Just like you can't say that everyone that looks like a "redneck" is ignorant.  They're all stupid stereotypes that only a very small percentage of people fall into.  A lot of people assume that long-haired guys are dumb...that's one of the reasons why I've tended to keep my hair long.  I love messing with people who want to believe stereotypes.
A lot of people are complaining that they can't believe we might end up with a Clinton-Trump election.  Do you want to know why America?  It's because we've lost focus on the big picture and started focusing on stupid little things that don't matter.  The media has blinded us to what's really important with their fifteen second sound byte stories about nothing, and too many Americans have accepted this.
So, you know what America?  We're getting just what we deserve with Clinton-Trump.  If you want to change America, change yourself first.

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