Wednesday, November 04, 2015

A new short story

I finished the rough draft for a new short story today.  Several years ago, this wouldn't have been that big of a deal, as I was writing stories all the time, but now I don't write anywhere near as much as I'd like to.  The simple reason for this is that editing and game design pay better, and they pay in a more timely manner, and simply put, we always need the money, so now finishing a story is a big deal.
I've really missed writing, and even though mounting medical and legal bills are sucking us deeper into our hole, the simple truth is that I'm a writer first, and an editor and a game designer second.  As such, I need to write.  As human beings, we can't deny the passions in our life.  If we do, what's the point of living, and writing is one of my greatest passions, so I will be doing more in the months and years to come.
Is this story going to make us rich?  Of course not.  My skills are rusty, and it clearly shows in the story, but with some work, I'm confident it will sell.  It may only make me enough to buy myself lunch somewhere, but in many ways, it feels like I'm starting over in my career, and that's ok.  I love writing, and I'm still confident that it will all pay off sometime in the future...

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