Sunday, January 20, 2013

Back from Ohio

Getting to my grandmother's funeral was quite the whirlwind tour.  We left Wednesday just before noon and got into McConelsville, Ohio on Friday morning.  We were there for about eight hours...just long enough for me to spend some time with my mom and brother before we went to the funeral.  After that it was a very brief family get together, and then we were back on the road because Rebecca had to be at work on Sunday morning at 6 am.  We got back to Denver about 9:30 on Saturday night.  We basically covered over 2700 miles in about 80 hours.  All of this with an 11 year old, a 7 year old, and a 2 year old along for the ride.  The most impressive part of this quick trip was the fact that I don't drive, so my absolutely amazing and wonderful wife did all of the driving on her own!  Did I mention that she was amazing and wonderful?
The actual funeral was well done.  My grandmother was a fairly religious woman, so a minister oversaw the proceedings, and although I didn't necessarily agree with a lot of the religious stuff he had to say, it was nice that he actually knew my grandmother.  A lot of times, you go to these things and the person conducting the funeral is just reading from notes that have been made by the family, but he used to drop my grandmother's house to visit, and he actually had a lot of us smiling and laughing about some of the things she would say or do.  Some people may think that laughter and happiness shouldn't be a part of a funeral, but I personally believe that it should be a celebration of the person's life...and there was a lot to celebrate about my grandmother.  She was a very kind person, and a lot of people commented that she was "everyone's" grandmother.  Everyone knew they could go to her for anything they needed, and if anyone ever wanted to just stop and visit, she always made them welcome.
Now that I've written this, I think I need some more rest, as I'm still exhausted, and it's back to work at 6 am for me tomorrow.
And by the way...did I mention that my wife is absolutely amazing and wonderful?
Well...SHE IS!

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