Friday, September 28, 2012

A crazy October is coming

Wow!  I just put together the family schedule and my writing/editing schedule for October, and it's looking nuts.  The highlights will be MileHiCon and Halloween.  The low lights will be a CT scan for me and physical therapy for Rebecca who hurt her knee at work.
Also on the list are a choir concert, days off for the kids, a week off for the kids, a birthday for some old fart, sentencing for the guy who held up Rebecca back in January, and the normal insanity that comes from being a family of five.
On the writing/editing side, I need to finish up a couple of supplements for Ephemeris, work on some revisions for The Battle for Turtle Island, finish putting a catalog together for Sam's Dot, and I really need to get a story written that I've been asked to submit to an anthology.  And of course there's the reading for three magazines, and all the other normal writing and editing stuff that comes about every month.
I guess I better get some sleep this weekend!

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