Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Martian Wave

Since I first started editing...a long...long...long time ago, I've edited an on-line zine called The Martian Wave. Last year, Tyree Campbell (of Sam's Dot Publishing) and I decided to turn the on-line zine into a print zine, and we are now thrilled to announce that the first issue is now available. You can order it at http://www.genremall.com/zinesr.htm#tmw.

The first issue contains the following:
Steve De Beer: Adaptor
Tyree Campbell: Somewhere With Mornings
Dan Thompson: Prize Crew
Keith P. Graham: The Reefs of Jove
Patty Jansen: Luminescence
Bret Tallman: Into the Silence Flies a Moth
Rick Novy: The Pillars of Europa
Lawrence Dagstine: The Great Martian Depression
Shelly Bryant: Bypassed
Justin Bohardt: The Barren Wastes
s.c. virtes: another pit for sale
Marge Simon: A Hollander's Secret Weapon: 1609
Marge Simon: Hindsight

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