Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm sick of the heat

Today was the third day this week that we've set a record high, and I'm sick of it. I've never liked the heat. I would much rather deal with a foot of snow and sub-freezing temperatures. And it doesn't look like we're going to get a break any time soon. They're calling for above average temps for at least the next week, and we could chase some more records, including the possibility of hitting 100 on Sunday.

It also doesn't help that I walk to and from work...but it sure is burning off this little gut that I've put on.

End of Rant


Jim Shannon said...

We're getting some nice days here in Edmonton but lately we've been having unsettled weather. Rain, Sun everything except snow. A large thunder/lightning storm went by here around midnight last night. Lasted for about 30 minutes. That's why I love Edmonton. We have 4 seasons. 5 if you include road repair/construction ;-)

I don't like the heat as well that's why I prefer Alberta's climate. When we get too cold along comes a Chinook to warm things up. Not only that but we have a severe worker shortage. There's lots of work and the min wage is going up. The only problem is we have a -0% vacancy rate. Don't come to Alberta unless you have a place to stay first. The housing market is 90% Condos. Rental's and apartments are being upgraded to Condos.

Things are great here. I still have to take a train into work but the LRT/Subway is very convenient.

PS: contrary to popular belief it doesn't get that cold up here in the winter for very long and we get lots of warm weather breaks in the winter. You still need a parka but I'm not outside that much in the winter to worry about it.

Now only if we had a decent football team.

Marva said...

I'm with you on heat, J. That's why I ended up vetoing living in Mexico. Many attractive features to it, but the heat would kill me.

So, back to Subway? Just be careful and direct others to do heavy lifting and rest when you need to.

J Erwine said...

Last June was one of the hottest we've ever had in Denver, and I can remember thinking as I walked to and from work that I was close to never having to do that again! Now, I've been back at that place for a couple of weeks, and the heat is back? Maybe it has something to do with me constantly referring to the place as Hell...