Saturday, August 25, 2018

Order The Fifth Di... early

From the Nomadic Delirium Press blog:
The September 2018 issue of The Fifth Di... won't be out for another week, but you can download the issue today and start reading. Not only is it available early, but until the release date, you can download it for just $1.50!
The September issue of The Fifth Di… takes you to a myriad of worlds that you could never imagine. Go to a world where humans are struggling against the native plant life, and see just how far the children of the colonists will go to protect that plant life. Visit an interplanetary vessel like you’ve never seen before…even the inhabitants of the ship are surprised by what they find. In another world, a man dies…again, and again, and again. On Earth, a woman is visited by a being from another dimension, and he has something that might be amazing to offer to her. Also on Earth, a man struggles with not inheriting his father’s future. Just how far will he go (in time) to try to get what he feels is his? And finally, visit another reality where the heroes you are familiar with have very different lives…

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