Monday, April 23, 2018

More medical ranting

As everyone knows, I've ranted many times about the screwed up medical system in America, especially the way insurance companies get to decide who gets treatment. Well, I'm at it again. Rebecca was diagnosed with bulging discs. She went in for treatment, which involved needles in her spine. After seeing what the insurance company was going to charge us, I talked to the billing office at the place where this was done. They basically said that they would be covering a major part of our bill...once we'd paid our deductible...which in this case is $2000. We can barely afford to put food on the table most weeks, and they expect us to be able to pay a $2000 bill before we really get any help? That's outrageous. As a result, Rebecca won't be going in for any more treatments, and will continue to be in serious pain.
On another note, I have an appointment with a surgeon tomorrow to see if there can be any relief for my chronic pain. I'm sure this will be something else we can't afford.
It's sad that in America we have to choose between our health and basic survival.
And before anyone says it's the ACA or it's Trump's new plan, the simple answer is that the majority of politicians, on both sides of the aisle, get huge payouts from the insurance companies, and therefore they allow the insurance company too much input on what goes into our medical plans. Insurance companies should not have this much power!

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